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Afraid you may be a food addict? Finally stop evening food binges.

When we don’t eat right, our bodies have an uncanny way of correcting our failure to do so. When we do eat right, everything seems to work in favor of self-control and satisfaction.

How do you feel?

  • Have you ever had uncontrollable cravings in the evening, followed by a ravenous eating binge, where nothing you eat is enough?

  • Do you ever try to eat responsibly, limiting your food consumption during the day, then feast uncontrollably in the later hours of the evening?

  • Do you believe starving yourself is the only way to succeed in dieting?

  • Are you convinced suffering is necessary for ideal weight management?

  • Are you fed up or demoralized by your inability to eat the way you know you should?

Eating right is hard.

Our society has lost the art of responsible eating, eating in a way that supports our ideal weight.

  • Stores and restaurants are full of pretend foods that masquerade as good choices, full of industrial additives and engineered to be tasty and convenient, so we choose them over healthy, real foods too often.
  • Daily schedule commitments cramp our ability to eat the right foods at the right times, to support our ideal weight.

Eating right is easy. Make continuous improvement a lifestyle!

Create plans for success during your transition to a lifestyle of eating for fitness and your ideal weight.

Plan for meals in a way that will work for your lifestyle, personal preferences, and situation.

  1. Create an Eating Plan

    • Eat the key macronutrients in the right ratios for you, so you can stay full longer with fewer cravings
    • Eat the right amount, at the right times for you, so you can end uncontrollable cravings
  2. Create a People Plan, so you can have support you need during your transition to a new diet

  3. Create a Places Plan, so you can be ready to win in your typical living, social, and physical environments

  4. Create a Contingency Plan for unusual situations, and soon you’ll have the resilience to manage unexpected challenges

If we can do it, so can you

Sandy made two small changes and ended uncontrollable ice cream cravings. She thought she might be a food addict. She’s now eating more than she ever has during the day, and she’s eating more fat, and the weight is coming off for the first time!

I made some faddish diet changes recently (related to intermittent fasting), and I began experiencing late night binge eating and weight gain. In response, I started eating earlier in the day, increased my protein intake, and my cravings and bingeing have stopped.

The principles of weight management are well-known.

Eat less, but eat the right things at the right times for you.

  • Use protein as a basis for every meal
  • Eat more healthy fat
  • Reduce carbs, and cut processed and simple carbs if necessary to achieve macro-nutrient and energy balance

Move more, but do the activities that work for you.

You are not a food addict.

You simply have not learned the principles of eating for your ideal weight and lifestyle.

You have been eating the way you were trained and influenced up until now in your life.

Every successful dieter has a story.

What will yours be?

What is one change you can make to meal timing or content, that will move your lifestyle in the direction you want to go?

Make it a change that fits your schedule and preferences. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering — just make it something you know is an improvement over what you’ve been doing recently.

Make that change, then observe the results.

  • If it works, do it again the next day, and the next.
  • If it doesn’t work, what new change can you make to move your lifestyle in the direction you want to go?

In a week or two, make another change.

And so on…

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