Employee Wellness Programs Work. Use Them!

Here's What Motivated Me To Lose Fifty Pounds The Second Time

In 2008, I received my first free health checkup as an employee of Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. My results weren’t great, but they weren’t horrible either. They were at the high end of healthy, and they changed between 2008 and 2009: each one got a little worse, by just a point or two. However, the […]

Dylan finishes the Capital of Texas Triathlon 2012

Amazing Relationships Deliver Huge Results: Thirteen Things About Amazing Coaching Relationships

Are You Coachable?

I was at lunch with a friend yesterday, enjoying pizza and a salad at Little Deli sandwich and pizza shop. He asked what a successful coaching relationship looked like.Here you’ll find 13 elements of an amazing coaching relationship, plus four things that just don’t work. Spoiler: even with an amazing coach, successful clients must be […]

Dylan and Lori win age group 2nd and 1st place, respectively, in the 2014 Austin Distance Challenge. Thanks, Coach!

Business Failure — You Do Have One, Don’t You?

Failure Offers Opportunity To Develop Resilience

There’s an idea among some venture capitalists that no entrepreneur is investable if s/he hasn’t already had a business failure. The idea is that someone who’s already done it may better recognize the million little pieces of evidence leading up to an eventual failure. The understanding is they’ll be more sensitive to those signals when […]

Dread and failure are created conditions. You can just as easily create aliveness and success.

Work On The Business, Not In The Business

Do You Own The Problem, Or Does It Own You?

There’s a saying among entrepreneurs that a person should work on the business, not in the business. Let that distinction sink in for a moment. It’s certainly true that managers should work on the business as their scope and span of control and influence increases. Meddling in details when you have managers reporting to you […]

Help teams build a bridge to high performance

Can You Believe It Took Me Twenty Years To Write A Personal Vision Statement?

It Seems Like a Dream Forever -- Then Suddenly It's Real

Over 20 years ago, I bought a book called Build Your Own Life Brand. I didn’t finish it. About a decade later, I started a blog. More than a decade after that, I finally published my first public blog post. The hard part in these initiatives was the introspection. I wasn’t yet able to sit […]

It's time to make the commitment and do it.

Heal Poor Posture And Relieve Pain Through Exercise

Anyone Can Do It. Why Would You Want to?

My third Physical Therapist drove home the point that my poor posture and seated office lifestyle was a critical element of my running-related pains. This was after my second Physical Therapist prescribed orthotics for my knee pain. I also learned I had a pelvic rotation due to a muscle imbalance. I never imagined I’d need to heal […]

Dylan finishes the Capital of Texas Triathlon 2012

Do You Have 1,000 Subscribers In Your Email List?

The "Big Thing" Every Online Business Needs

It’s official: everywhere one looks for advice about doing business online (one of my 2018 goals), the advice is the same. We have to have an email list. In theory, this sounds good. It even sounds easy. Then, like everything else on the internet, as we tune into the details, the number of specific pieces of […]

Keep It Simple, Moving In The Right Direction, Continuous Improvement, Email Capture, Email List Management

Coaching Mastermind: Big Opportunity, Or Saturated Market?

Sometimes The Answer Is Right In Front Of You

There I was at lunch with a friend today. He’s an engineering program manager for a local research organization. We met in a course recently, though we might have known each other for years. He’s a kind soul. A good heart. Warm. Friendly. Smart. We all know someone like him. Or we should. Or I […]

An Opportunity and Mastermind Group may be right in front of you

My Intention To Experience The World Fully

7 Questions To Spawn Any Big Initiative

Since college, I’ve had an unspoken goal to travel and experience the world. Increasingly, I see this is never going to happen until I get real clear about my goal and organize my life to meet it. I want to go large, like 190 countries large. I want to really travel the world, visit every […]

It's time to make the commitment and do it.

2018 Goals: 4 Things I Want To Do In 2018

7 Keys To Setting Goals

As I considered content and an editorial calendar that might interest my target audience, I realized something notable. As I learn to share and publicize my goals and interests, and as I look for points of intersection between mine and others, I can offer a peek into what I’m doing and where I’m going. So, […]

My favorite race is the one I just finished because it's so damn hard in the midst of it, so nice when it's over, and I always feel such an amazing accomplishment when I've worked hard and met the challenge.