• Are you a successful leader, entrepreneur, or mid-senior professional?

  • Are you ready for confidence, respect, and satisfaction in EVERY area of your life?

  • Have you felt frustrated, maybe overwhelmed, not sure where to start?


Which area of your life are you ready for a permanent breakthrough?

  • Has your weight and diet been an area of low confidence, frustration and failure?

  • Is your fitness in the basement while your investments are skyrocketing?

  • Is your relationship a wreck while your career is fantastic?

  • Is your work life a shambles while your family is ship-shape?

  • Are you ready for respect and satisfaction with your kids, spouse, or boss?


I understand. I developed my change model in response to challenges in my own life:

  • My fitness was a wreck. My doctor said I needed to lose weight and eat right, or I would need medication.

  • My marriage was unraveling. Counselors said we were not communicating, and we lacked mutual agreements.

  • I hated my job. My career was stagnant, and my boss passed me over for promotions — 4 times!


Before I was done, my life had changed. I’d:

  • Lost 50 pounds and become the fittest of my life. Now I can do anything I want, wear whatever I want, and go anywhere I want.

  • Created an unbelievable relationship with a wonderful woman. We are building our fortune and planning our lifetime in retirement!

  • Taken on the biggest challenges of my career, led amazing, high performance teams, and even started a business.


You, too, can finally overcome what’s been holding you back!

  • See and shatter your invisible barriers.

  • Seize opportunities.

  • Reach your most audacious goals.


I know how to create lasting change, and I can guide you to your own lasting change too!

My name is Dylan Cornelius, and I’ve:

  • Spent two decades helping Fortune 500 companies create lasting change.

  • Repeatedly seen what works, and what doesn’t.

  • Routinely applied principles of product development, systems engineering, and human performance to create lasting change.

  • Created a simple, step-by-step program anyone can use to get the confidence, respect, freedom, and satisfaction they really want.

  • Helped people just like you create lasting change in their own fitness, relationships, and work lives.


You can successfully employ proven secrets of transformative change.

  • All lasting changes have the same things in common.

  • All failed changes are missing one or more of these things…

  • You (anyone, really) can use these proven secrets of transformation to make real, lasting change in your own life!


Easily incorporate the same simple principles of sustainable innovation used by successful Fortune 500 companies and performance coaches:

  • product design

  • systems engineering

  • human performance


Create lasting change YOU value.

  1. Plan your Purpose.

  2. Plot your Path.

  3. Perform and Produce.


Get your free planning guide. Be the author of your fitness, relationships, and work life.

Get your free planning guide. Be the author of your fitness, relationships, and work life.

Get your free planning guide, receive help and tools, get results you want.