The Career Acceleration Program

Career Acceleration Roadmap

Clarify your purpose.
Align your priorities.
Stay focused.

See what’s stopping you.
Shed your chains.
Move forward powerfully and confidently.

Get in action on the things that mean the most to you.
Have confidence, knowing you're on the right path.

Say what you want.
Share your expectations.
Be committed.

Build a foundation for successful leadership.
Consciously and courageously manage change.

Prioritize your health and fitness:
- mental
- emotional
- social
- physical

Create teamwork, collaboration, and mentorship.
Graduate from low productivity to high leverage.

And more...


  • Confidential help on your schedule, without the commute.
  • Renewed clarity of purpose, focused on your priorities.
  • Confident progress and fulfillment in your career.

Benefits include:

  • Be able to solve problems that were formerly insurmountable.

  • Learn how to manage change, expected or unexpected.
  • Grow your management and leadership skills and influence.

Materials you get with the Career Acceleration Academy

How the program is delivered:

9-Module video program.
15 hours of video instruction.

90-minute personalized coaching sessions.

Concepts build on one another and prepare you for practice assignments you'll apply in your daily life.

Leadership Blueprints:
1 Purpose
2 Mindset
3 Planning
4 Relationship
5 Team Leadership

Daily reinforcement and accountability communications.

Leadership Practice:
1 Purpose
2 Mindset
3 Planning
4 Relationship
5 Team Leadership

- Text
- Telephone
- Email
- Group
- 1:1

And more to come...

About Us

Our mission is to enable mid-career professionals and knowledge workers to clarify their purpose in life and execute their personal strategic plans.

We believe you’ve earned and deserve the opportunity to live your unique strategic plan.

With more than 30 combined years of business and team leadership, coaching, and strategy execution in information technology, software development, HR, recruiting, and project management, we’ve helped thousands of people and some of the world’s best businesses to define and execute their personal and business strategic plans.

Let us help you define and implement yours today.

Our Happy Clients

Across the World

Who is the Career Acceleration Academy for?

George: who would benefit from the Career Acceleration Academy?

“I think anyone would benefit from a career acceleration course and session with Dylan, particularly those who want to unlock their abilities to make their teams perform at the highest level possible and learn something cool and new. I think the kind of people who would most benefit from Dylan’s career acceleration program would be someone who’s stuck in their career and doesn’t know what to do next or is looking for a new way to bring their team together, to make some great things happen. But I also feel like people of any degree or background in their career would immensely benefit from this course because it helps refresh you about what you can do to improve your relationships, to make better outcomes for everyone. But it also provides you with fresher and new insights as to what you can do to better yourself, so you can better other people to make great things happen in the workplace.”

A moment of clarity -- a breakthrough

George builds successful relationships and teamwork after the Career Acceleration Academy.

“My aha moment came when I really began to understand how my relationships with people at work were critical to my success. And it really solidified in my mind that I’m not someone who can just go in alone and do things all the time just by myself. And there are some people and times when you can do that, but you really need always to work and collaborate with people to make your dreams come true. And that came to a moment for me to really dig in and understand that as I was beginning to work with Dylan. So the aha moment really came that soon for me when I was working with him. And we had lots of other aha moments that solidified that moment as to what it means to be a collaborator who builds successful relationships.”

Karen went from dissatisfaction to clarity and stepped into leadership in a new role

Karen leads productive remote teams after the Career Acceleration Academy.

“I work with colleagues in remote locations, and I’m meeting a lot of new people and establishing a lot of new teams. Dylan gave me the grounding to quickly create more productive teams that could work together. And in some cases, see where teams weren’t functioning and, and see that right away and then choose to maybe still be with that team or choose to leave. But now I have the skill set to understand team dynamics in a way that I didn’t and didn’t see beforehand.”

Karen got a new level of courage that changed her life

Karen got courage and changed her life in the Career Acceleration Academy.

“I’ve taken a lot of personal development and growth. It’s something I’ve always been curious about. I’ve done certain programs, I’ve read books, other groups. There’s something about this process that was very different and better, and I think provided me with the coaching, the encouragement, the empathy to change in a way that…all the providers before helped me, and they are helpful, but there is, to me, there’s something really, I mean, this really changed my life. And I don’t know, I can’t say the other programs…they certainly helped. They made things better, right? and different. But this gave me the courage to stand up for myself and speak and say what I wanted to do with my life and to be able to step up into that.”

Omario shares what it's like in the Career Acceleration Academy

Omario got focus and results in the Career Acceleration Academy.

“It’s very much a results-driven approach, and so, at the end of your big column worksheet, it’s not just that your problem is a hallelujah moment. It’s just more that you’re like, ‘Okay, this is what’s stopping me.’ This is what I need to eliminate, and when I do that, I’m going to get more stuff done. And that’s a huge mental health boost. It’s a huge shot in the arm that, you know, psychotherapy, I don’t think can really give you. This is very, very tailored in terms of results, focus, and outcomes.”

Omario shared what he gained in the Career Acceleration Academy

Omario rediscovered his true purpose in the Career Acceleration Academy.

“Dylan has been a godsend, and I can’t overstate that enough. Dylan reminded me that some of us ask a lot of ourselves, but there are so many people pulling in so many different directions, you forget who you are at your core. Dylan has really helped me move forward, remembering who I am, remembering who I wanted to be in all of this before all these people showed up grabbing at me, and it’s been refreshing, it’s been calming, it’s been insanely productive”

Karen went from dissatisfaction to clarity and stepped into leadership in a new role

Karen went from dissatisfaction to clarity and changed careers in the Career Acceleration Academy.

“I developed a different mindset in that it was a process that helped me have the courage to… My mindset had been, I need to always have a certain kind of job and work certain hours and maybe be seen as having a certain status. Now, if that’s what people truly want, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but I was really dissatisfied and looking to get into a more innovative field. And also just the personal courage and confidence. I think the biggest area was just allowing myself to have the confidence to say, I didn’t want to do what I’d been doing.”

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