Did you know 2/3 of people are unhappy or disengaged at work? Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC is attacking this problem head-on.

The problem is that schools endow children with skills forecasted by the biggest companies, then funnel them into the workforce.

Individuality, personal strengths, and preferences are largely ignored. Placement and personality tests administered by career centers can often be gamed to achieve the desired outcome.

Nonetheless, if 2/3 of people are unhappy, then 1/3 are happy.

What’s the difference between the happy and unhappy at work?

Some people know what they want to do by the time they’re six. They finish school, go into a career and work for 50 years, perfectly content.

When I was six, I wanted to be a fireman, but my mom wanted me to go to college. She prevailed.

I started college as a STEM student, and graduated with a psychology degree.

Education programs funnel children into STEM and other programs that are designed to deliver specific skill sets into the workforce.

Who can blame them?

How many six year olds have the self-awareness and maturity to know what they want to do when they’re 30 years old?

Many 40-year-olds say they’re still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up.

We must accept that uncertainty and imperfect decisions are a part of life. Events and phases we call mid-life crises are normal, healthy results of long lives in the context of continuous technology and culture change.

Everybody deserves the opportunity to slow down, look around, practice deep self-inquiry, establish greater self-awareness, and choose a direction that better serves them.

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Our Mission

Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC exists to help you execute your strategic plan.

We create and deliver courses, coaching, and information products that enable mid-career knowledge workers to clarify their purpose, create their plan, and execute their personal strategic plans.

Importantly, we support our clients to execute their plans and maximize the value of the results they achieve. Gone forever are the days of “going it alone” and not having the team or the support to achieve the results you value.

Our Commitment

Behind our products and services is a commitment to create a world that works for everyone, everywhere, with nobody left out.

Everybody wins.

The problem

The problem is, too many of us are stuck, lost, or left out. Too many of us have stopped dreaming or given up. We’ve lost our way, lost our edge, or lost our spark.

This is most evident in the high number of unhappy, disengaged employees in businesses across the country. While most people didn’t wake up and say they wanted to do what they do for a living, far too many of us suffer for the quality of life we enjoy.

Workers need to be more prepared for the forecasted future of work and life. Agile management and innovation skills are increasingly vital. We must take responsibility for our personal and professional development. Schools and businesses are not meeting our needs.

Even worse, too many are unsatisfied in their personal lives. Statistics about our loneliness epidemic and our divorce rate bear this out.

The irony is, the same skills that bring success at work also bring great relationships and a home life that works.

The solution

But let’s be clear, who is more qualified than you to say what preparation is best for you and your future? Now you can set your direction, create your plan, and create the career, great relationships, and tomorrow you choose.

We’ve had the joy of creating a plan that reflects our interests, and we’ve seen how executing that plan energized and focused us.

We’ve seen the importance of working with other people to define and execute our plans.

As we accelerated our journeys, we built great relationships and leadership skills.

Finally, we’ve created a roadmap of the key activities. We’ve created tools to teach and reinforce fundamental skills that are critical on the path to happiness and job satisfaction.

The career acceleration roadmap is like a paint-by-numbers process for clarifying your personal strategic plan, like a choose-your-own-adventure story. Our blueprints are like mad libs for personal development.

A world that works for everyone, based on the latest knowledge

Our best breakthroughs come from applying the latest knowledge in practice. With this in mind, Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC donates a percentage of revenues to The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

Our Founder

Dylan Cornelius has 30 years of experience building and leading product development teams and helping world-class businesses and people create new capabilities. Most of the time, he’s worked with remote teams in multiple time zones on multiple continents.

Let us help you execute your strategic plan.

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