Career Acceleration Academy services include a strategy session

Career Acceleration Academy services accelerate your learning and mastery of critical strategic management and leadership skills.

Career Acceleration Academy is like a choose-your-own-adventure series for your life.

Dylan Cornelius


You can change your career and life trajectory with the right coach.

A poor choice may leave you with good feelings and memories but no meaningful, measurable difference.

Let’s introduce ourselves!

You can share your current situation, what you want to accomplish, and how you’d like to get there.

I’ll share one or more options for our path forward.

Together, we’ll choose how to proceed.

Dylan Cornelius


Feeling stuck in your career or business?

Struggling to achieve your goals?

Need help landing your dream job?

A 2 hour 1:1 consultation with me can help you:
  • Remove Barriers: Identify and overcome obstacles holding you back.
  • Strategic Planning: Craft a roadmap for your success.
  • Boost your productivity: Learn strategies to prioritize and accomplish more.
  • Make smarter decisions: Gain clarity and confidence in your next steps.


This consultation is perfect for you if you’re ready to:
  • Accelerate your career: Land your dream job or take your current role to the next level.
  • Grow your business: Increase profits, attract new clients, regain your focus and achieve your goals.
  • Transform your life: Reach your full potential and create the life you desire and deserve.
George, Omario, Karen, Kevin, and Eric


May be used for all group coaching sessions that month, for troubleshooting, problem-solving, prioritization, strategic planning, retrospection, brainstorming, continuous improvement, training, or any other legal purpose that suits you.

Schedule your Strategy Session. Develop your Career and Confidence.


In this deep, committed coaching session, we’ll look in your personal, professional, and financial areas of life, and we’ll do three things:

1. Clarify your most important focus for the next 12 months, personally, professionally, and financially.

2. See the #1 thing most likely to prevent you from reaching that goal.

3. Create a path and a plan to achieve your goal.

**10-minute online assessment plus a minimum 90-minute personal strategy session. We will go as long as it takes to achieve our objectives.**