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Copywriting Mastermind Group



  • 5PM Pacific
  • 7 PM Central
  • 8PM Eastern


12PM Wellington



I. 2 minutes each (7:00-7:10)

  • Hellos
  • 1 minute – 90 seconds Wins of the week. Socially acceptable way to share testimonials. Testimony time. Couple minutes.
  • Be done by 7:10 pm

II. Hot Seat (7:10-7:45)

  • One or two people bring a succinctly described problem, challenge, or opportunity for group feedback, with little story. Then be quiet and listen to group feedback instead of defending or justifying.
  • If someone just wants to share but not get feedback it may be reflective of something big is happening they don’t want to talk about.
  • If it has too much story it may not be the right question to talk about.
Upcoming Hot Seats
May 1
Dylan review.
May 8 Antoine Review. Hal hot seat.
May 15Hal review. Antoine hot seat.
May 22Antoine review. Dylan hot seat.
May 29Dylan review. Hal hot seat.
June 5Hal review. Antoine hot seat.

III. Next Steps (7:45-7:55)

  1. Plan for next week.
  2. Current challenge.
  3. Prayer requests.

IV. Close (7:55-8:00)

Gratitude, Close with a prayer. What you got out of today’s meeting and the past week of progress in this area.


  • friendly.
  • supportive.
  • give feedback with the “sandwich” method.
  • be 100% engaged, interested, curious, learning, sharing, and teaching.
  • Read OYFOL and watch for C.U.B. (Compelling and/or Confusing, Unbelievable, Boring).
  • Watch for effective and complete use of PASTOR framework.
  • Share results and updates during the week by email and get feedback from others about it.
  • Commit to miss no more than three weeks in a row or you may be disinvited.
  • Record with Loom for archiving. Distribute archives by email. Put archives below.



Best Teaching Year Ever


Results Accelerator

Logline: I help busy professionals with seemingly insurmountable goals overcome their hidden obstacles, define a workable path to success, and start doing the right things immediately, so they can do in months what they believed might be impossible or could take years to do.

Brief CTA: Plan your Purpose. Plot your Path. Perform and Produce.

How: Use the 10 P’s of Transformation to deliver the results you want — now.

Finally Thin Forever

Logline: I help busy professionals who have never lost weight and kept it off see and overcome their hidden obstacles, use the 10 P’s of Transformation to create a lifestyle that supports their ideal weight, and have a say in their wight, fitness status, and health consequences for the rest of their life, starting now.

Brief CTA: Plan your Product. Plot your Path. Perform and Produce.

How: Use the 10 P’s of Transformation to lose weight and keep it off forever — now.



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