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If you could push a button and get all the way down to the weight you know deep down you’d REALLY like to be at, what would you weigh?

Most people “lie” to themselves when they think about how much weight they’d like to lose. They say “I’d like to lose 15 or 20 pounds.” But, when we get 50 pounds over-weight or more, 20 pounds is barely noticeable (which is one of the reasons why we tend to keep gaining weight – adding another five pounds is hard to notice). BUT…

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=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and keeping you fat.

=> Leave this session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally lose all the weight you want — once and for all.

To claim your special “Finally Thin Forever” coaching session today, simply click Finally Thin Forever and answer these questions:

  1. How long have you been struggling to lose weight?
  2. On a scale of zero to 10 how important is it for you to lose weight and keep it off once and for all?
  3. What have you tried doing to lose weight in the past?
  4. What happened with those approaches?
  5. What do you see as your biggest challenge with weight loss?

Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address so someone from our office can get back to you within the next 24 to 48 hours to schedule your one-on-one “Finally Thin Forever” coaching session.

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PS: The sooner you send us your answers, the more likely you are to get a session.

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You’re Not Alone

Dylan Cornelius



My name is Dylan Cornelius, and I’ve lost over 100 pounds.

The first time I lost weight, it was an accident…

When I graduated college, I was fat, and I was broke. I was at the point where I needed to buy a larger pant size, painfully buttoning them each morning, and feeling the cutting around my waist when I sat down. But I wasn’t gonna buy another pair of pants because I couldn’t afford it. I had $14 a week for lunch after student loans, credit card payments, rent, limited groceries, and a new car payment. I didn’t even have money to buy beer!

I had to lose weight, and I did.

My meager (but healthy) lunch diet of two street tacos (or a simple, homemade meat and cheese sandwich) and water, and my limited dinner diet of roasted chicken and broccoli or macaroni and cheese with tuna fish, my restricted alcohol consumption, and a very active white collar job where I walked miles every day, back and forth, up and down a long, narrow office, helped me lose 65 pounds that year.

I looked in the mirror one evening and realized I was scrawny!

At 5’11” and 145 pounds, I altered a beautiful, formerly GIANT navy dress suit to fit my new, lower weight. It was cheaper than buying a new one!

Thankfully, by that time, my income had gone up a bit and my payments had fallen. I began eating more.

What’s the point?

The point is when we focus and create a life that supports weight loss, weight falls off while we’re not even paying attention, just as we “grew” heavier over time … maybe without even noticing it.

You may know the story…

I hadn’t learned the secret of sustainable weight loss.

In The Rush Of Life, I Gained All The Weight Back

Family, career, debt, mortgage, stress,

Coffee, fast food, entire bags of chips at one sitting, reckless abandon,

No exercise — ever: a long walk was when I couldn’t find a spot next to the store entrance,

Careening down the road of life,

Forkful by forkful, day by day,

 Months became years,

And years became obesity.

Round 2. No More Accidents. The Road To My Ideal Weight.

Fast forward 14 years…

My company had a Wellness Rewards program. They literally paid me to get a physical examination every year. In that first meeting, my doctor said I “could stand to lose a few pounds”. I resented her for it, and I asked for a specific number. I didn’t believe I needed to lose more than 20 pounds, even when she showed me the BMI chart, which indicated 30 pounds was just a good start, barely squeezing me into the “Normal” weight range.

The next year, every single metabolic number in my annual blood test was a point or two worse…in the unhealthy direction.

That got my attention.

I recalled the premature deaths, and terrifically uncomfortable and unhealthy aging, of young, overweight grandparents, and parents of friends. High blood pressure. High cholesterol and triglycerides. Type 2 diabetes. Fistfuls of medications taken multiple times a day. Heart attacks. Strokes. A grandfather so affected by years of strokes, he could no longer hold a conversation, and he confusedly called all his daughters by the same name.

I was scared and motivated.

I knew I needed to lose weight.

I Got Scientific And Relentless About Weight Loss

I bought a bike and started exercising 3 days a week. My mileage went from 3 miles to well over 20 per ride. Yet, I came home one evening from a ride, sweaty on a hot afternoon, and I knew I would die young and fat if that was all there was in life.

I needed more.

Over time, I learned to conquer:

  • feelings of being stuck and helpless, lost and alone.
  • all the reasons not to bother, (and just sit on the couch with another bag of Doritos instead).
  • late night, uncontrollable “cravings”.
  • feeling “hungry all the time”, through months of weight loss.
  • eating and moving in a way that fit my lifestyle and my preferences.

I Learned The “Secret” Of Losing Weight And Sustaining Permanent Weight Loss

You Can Have That “Secret” Too

Dylan finishes the Capital of Texas Triathlon 2012
Dylan Cornelius at the finish line of the Capital Of Texas Olympic Distance Triathlon 2012

You can finally:

  • Enjoy activities with your family and friends again, knowing you can do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whomever you want. Even walk up stairs, run, or finish a triathlon!
  • Stop the cycle of buying new clothes every time your current clothes become too uncomfortable to wear any more. No more stretchy pants (unless you love them)! Stop storing clothes for years, knowing you’ll need them again on the next weight rebound. Use that extra space for something you enjoy!
  • Have full range of motion. Bend over and squat down comfortably! Tie your shoes, pick things up off the ground, use the low cabinets and space under your bed again.
  • Be confident and proud of yourself, and maybe even initiate selfies! No more embarrassment about taking photos.
  • Identify and overcome the roots of the resignation and cynicism that keeps you stuck and fat.

Why Other Approaches Don’t Work

Going It Alone

“Going it alone” with books, videos, internet “research”, exercise and diet programs, drugs, and over the counter miracle pills and elixirs, often leads to failure and dejection. Without harnessing or creating the social support resources we desperately need to cause lasting change in our lives, very little may change.

Group Programs

While groups offer some social support, they may lack a rigorous approach to looking at your environment and your lifestyle, then working with you systematically, from “the ground up”, to reinvent lifestyle systems and create actions that will support you in your daily life to become your future thin you.

Clinical And Medical Programs

Clinical and medical programs, and even licensed providers, may offer little more than “the usual suspects” above delivered by a person with a license, or a complete program for weight loss may be offered only in combination with drugs and/or some form of surgery, with all their side effects, complications, inconvenience, and even pain and discomfort.

Fat Farms And Camps

While they may offer you amazing results in a short time, farms and camps perform the unrealistic miracle of taking you out of your real life environment, relationships, and circumstances. While you enjoy a resort-style setting and the support of a full-time staff to ensure your every need is met, you may not be developing the long term skills, and creating the long term environmental and social supports you will need, to sustain your weight loss forever.

It Sounds So Simple, And Even Ridiculous:

You Must Overcome The Fat You And Create The Thin You

Importantly, most other approaches fail to address the factors that got us here today, the biological and neuroscientific realities that keep us stuck in the patterns that limit our progress.

They offer limited or no support to create the new, powerful, strong persona we need, to become the thin person we want to be.

Here’s Why My “Finally Thin Forever” Program Works

My program harnesses all four elements of sustainable lifestyle change.


You must have confidence and belief in yourself before you’ll ever take a step forward. We will work together to create lasting power you never saw possible, right where you are.


You need a team to support you. If you don’t already have the team, you will build it.


Your environment supports you. It supports you to take actions that undermine you, or it supports you to take actions that help you. As humans have done for thousands of years, if your environment doesn’t serve you, you will adjust it.


Your actions every moment and every day lead to your results. Same actions = same results. New actions = new results. You will see and take new actions you haven’t taken before. Only then will you begin to see new results.

Ultimately, it’s your choice.

Your situation is nobody’s fault. It’s a series of actions that got you here, and it’ll be a series of actions that get you where you end up. YOU get to choose every action, every moment.

With my support, you can create “willpower” by:

  • Looking at your life until now and seeing ALL the barriers that have prevented you from achieving and sustaining your ideal weight.
  • Creating the vision and mindset, setting a plan, taking the actions, and establishing the social and environmental structures that can support your ideal weight.
  • Creating a lifestyle that can carry you through weight loss and maintenance.
  • Seeing and managing threats to your lifestyle and sustained weight loss.
  • Building the capacity to create lasting change in your life.

Whatever you do, you’ll end up somewhere…

The Question Is, Where Are YOU Going To End Up?

Tony Expressed His “Finally Thin Forever” Self

Photo by hermaion from Pexels

Tony wanted to run a marathon, but he was too heavy to run that far comfortably. He was in a stressful corporate job, under constant pressure from his boss.

Tony’s a renowned baker, famous for loaf after scrumptious loaf of warm, high-gluten cinnamon raisin, chocolate, and just plain, yummy, soft, yeasty bread. He loves to eat it every day, with peanut butter and other yummy toppings. So do his friends! Many days I’ve been to his house, there it is on his counter. I’ve had a bunch of it in my freezer.

What Tony Saw

When he began working with me, he looked closely at his life, as you will do in the “Finally Thin Forever” program. He saw self-limiting beliefs that were keeping him stuck, not only at his current weight, but at work.

As he continued to look, he saw what he really wanted was possible, he discovered new options he hadn’t seen before, he made plans he hadn’t considered making before, and he began taking actions he hadn’t taken before.

Tony changed the course of his entire life

Ultimately, he lost 55 pounds, and he ran that marathon. He and his wife now marvel at his 6-pack abs!

Not only that, he retired 7 years ahead of schedule, with the respect of his boss and colleagues, something he hadn’t considered possible when we began meeting!

His bread maker gets a lot less use these days because they now travel full-time, touring, playing tournament volleyball, and visiting friends and family. Despite the difficulty and dangers of eating away from home, he has kept the weight off for 2 years!

How Many Other Approaches Have You Tried?

I tried most of the approaches below. Some were more helpful than others, but none was effective on its own. Are you ready for real, lasting change?

Friends and Family

  • Nearby and amazingly convenient.
  • Probably unqualified to help you, and inexperienced creating and sustaining lasting change. How many fat family members and friends do you have? Have they experienced their own weight loss and sustained that weight loss? If not, what qualifies them to help you?
  • Often those closest to us are the worst offenders for creating obstacles to the life we love, setting up our environment so it undermines our efforts, encouraging us to do and eat things that keep us fat and unhealthy, reinforcing our limiting beliefs and behavior.
  • If they have been part of your weight roller coaster up until now, what has changed that they will suddenly become a part of your long-term lifestyle solution?
  • Cost: Free.

Count Calories

  • Highly effective if you are honest and rigorous. Enables you to develop knowledge and habits that support long-term weight loss.
  • Laborious and tedious in the beginning, until you learn what you need to know and become able to do what you need to do consistently.
  • Requires effective estimation of portions and ingredients when eating out or eating food prepared by others.
  • Without support, all the obstacles to your sustained weight loss will remain.
  • Cost: Free.

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) and Food/Diet Addiction Recovery Programs

  • If you find a great meeting (or multiple meetings), if you find a great sponsor, and if you commit 100% to take action, do the work, and own your recovery, OA and similar/related recovery programs can be amazingly effective.
  • Provides social support, and may be very helpful for identifying and managing your triggers, problem behaviors, enabling relationships, and sustaining “sobriety”.
  • Inconvenient. Requires you go to them.
  • Only offers the support you are willing to seek out for yourself. May not prepare you for the entire journey to weight loss through sustaining your weight.
  • Cost: Free.

Special/Faddish “Diets”

  • Can be effective in weight loss.
  • Limited or non-existent long-term lifestyle or diet change support. Return to normal eating often results in weight gain.
  • Cost: May be free.

Internet “Research”, Books, and Online Courses

  • Knowledge is valuable and can really help, however, you have to choose carefully. Often these are elaborate sales pitches disguised as helpful information.
  • Knowledge without consistent, inspired action, is interesting and useless. Social support and accountability are critical for sustaining habits and weight loss.
  • Cost: From free, up to $300.

Over The Counter Supplements, Super Foods, Magic Pills and Elixirs

  • May work in the short run, but not always healthy. May have uncomfortable, undesirable, or dangerous side effects.
  • Difficult to sustain weight loss, unless you choose to supplement for life.
  • Cost: $10s to $100s per month.

Exercise Only

  • An important part of a healthy lifestyle, but a difficult way to lose weight without calorie restriction or extreme and consistent levels of activity.
  • If the habit and time commitment is not sustained, maintenance is difficult or impossible.
  • Cost: Up to $1,000s of dollars for training and/or equipment.

Weight Watchers

  • Count points (or manage portion sizes) and eat plenty of “free” foods. Can eat anything you want.
  • Can be effective. One study found it the “best value” per pound lost, among options tested.
  • Inconvenient need to go to their site at specific times, unless you can assemble the number of people required for them to come to you.
  • Limited support. Coaching is very focused on tactics of the eating plan and managing the eating environment.
  • Cost: $240-660/year, for as long as you need them.

“Meal in a box” Programs Like Jenny Craig or “High Risk” Diet Plans

  • Perfectly portioned and convenient.
  • Difficult to integrate with meals out or “family style” meals.
  • Effective for weight loss, if you don’t cheat.
  • May be laden with fillers, preservatives, chemicals, and other non-food ingredients.
  • Limited or non-existent education, long-term skills development, environmental and social support.
  • May be difficult to sustain weight loss without continuing to buy the products.
  • Cost: Up to $800/month, plus insurance costs, if insurance will pay, though this covers your personal food costs.

Nutritionists and Dietitians

  • Knowledgeable about RDA requirements and the “techs and specs” of food, digestion, and metabolism, but understanding how the car works doesn’t make you able to drive one or teach others to drive. Have you seen a fat, unhealthy Nutritionist?
  • Focus on “standards”, studies, and population statistics often mean they are treating an average, not customizing for you.
  • May offer limited options, inflexible diets, and supplements at additional cost.
  • Limited support. Coaching is likely to be focused on tactics of the eating plan and managing the eating environment.
  • Cost: Will cost $100s to $1,000s, including the cost of insurance.

“Fat Camps”, Spas, And Resorts

  • Often a fantastic vacation experience.
  • You are likely to experience a temporary reduction in weight.
  • In-depth coaching or counseling to see and manage the obstacles to your sustained weight loss may be available at additional cost.
  • Without the full-time immersion, back in your own environment at home, will you be able to sustain the weight loss?
  • Cost: $1,000s weekly, plus cost of insurance, if insurance will pay.


  • Knowledgeable about organ systems, pharmaceuticals/drugs, and procedures. Typically not well-trained in nutrition, diet, lifestyle and behavior change. Have you seen a fat doctor or nurse?
  • Inconvenient and not time efficient. You usually have to go to them. Often disrespectful of your time. How long did you wait last time you were in a Doctor’s office?
  • Focus on “standards”, studies, and population statistics often mean they are treating an average, not customizing for you.
  • Don’t offer great ongoing support. If willing to give ongoing support, is likely to be related to pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures.
  • Cost: $1,000s to $10,000s, when bundled with health insurance costs and hassles.


  • May work in the short run, but not always healthy. Sometimes uncomfortable, even dangerous side effects.
  • Difficult to sustain weight loss, unless you choose to medicate for life. The Mayo Clinic says, “when you stop taking these medications, you’re likely to regain much or all the weight you lost.”
  • Cost: Up to $1,700/year, plus insurance costs.


  • Inconvenient, side-effects, complications, pain and discomfort.
  • Lifestyle and diet change is always required.
  • Works in the short run, but maintenance is only as good as your ability and willingness to continue lifestyle and diet change.
  • High percentage of patients do not sustain weight loss.
  • Cost: $3,500 to $27,000, plus insurance costs.

Here’s Why I Can Help You

I’m a:

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach

I’m trained to intervene in the moment and make a difference for you. I’m committed to your success, sensitive to your concerns, willing to do what it takes to make a difference, and unwilling to settle for you having less than you want.

Graduate of Landmark Worldwide education programs

Paraphrasing Mark Twain, we believe things that just ain’t so, and we get ourselves in trouble when we act on those beliefs. We ALL do it. We believe untrue “facts” are real, and based on those incorrect beliefs, we take action. I can help you see those beliefs, so you can put them where you want them, where they will no longer drive your actions. This enables YOU to get back in the driver’s seat.

UC Berkeley Psychology Undergraduate degree holder

I understand neuroscience: our nervous system wires us to get good at things and repeat them. When we repeatedly think thoughts and take actions in life, our nervous system helps us get good at those actions. This keeps us fat, broke, lazy, lonely, angry, or whatever else we are in life. Conversely, when applied productively, this biological tendency keeps us fit, rich, active, friendly, or happy. These biological imperatives keep us stuck, feeling caged, even if we’re unhealthy, even if we’re unhappy about it, no matter how much we want to change. I can help you learn to short-circuit the action patterns that keep you stuck, and train your nervous system (and body) to do the things YOU want.

Owner of diagnoses for an autoimmune condition and multiple chronic conditions

I have known what it’s like to be tired, fatigued, and just not feeling well. Respecting multiple doctors’ learned conclusions that my only option is to wait for my doctor to “tune” my dosage while I wait for my body to kill itself, I looked for other options. Eating right for me has made a real difference.

Proud member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and addiction education program graduate

If addiction is any part of your story or belief about yourself, even if you only think it might be the case, I understand. I have experienced and I understand addiction. I know first hand its grasp on the actions we take, and on our motivation, whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not.

Santa Clara University MBA degree holder, Concentration in Management of Innovation

I am academically and professionally trained to help people and organizations succeed doing things they’ve never done before. Often, these initiatives begin as goals some believe are impossible. If you have never done a thing and sustained it over the long term, even if you think it may be impossible, I can help you too.

Project Management Professional

I am skilled at breaking down audacious, complex undertakings into manageable chunks that enable teams and individuals to succeed. Let’s set a goal and go after it!

Experienced Professional Change Leader

I have significant professional experience creating large-scale change. I’ve spent my entire career working with people to understand the outcomes they want, then helping them refine their environments, teams, behaviors, and systems to support those outcomes. Like any organization, your life is a system of individuals. I can help you too.


I did the hard work of personal transformation, and I got it done. I can help you express your inner Badass too!

My Promise To You

I have distilled the key elements of the sustainable weight loss equation, and I can help you create a personalized plan that you can use to reach your ideal weight, too.

You can have energy, vitality, enthusiasm, and satisfaction again.

As you work through the “Finally Thin Forever” program, you will gain confidence, knowledge, “willpower”, and skills to create sustainable change in your weight and life. Forever.

I promise you can have this too, for one payment of $1,900.

What You Get


  • Explicit understanding of what motivates you, and the means of keeping it front and center every day. (Worth $2,000)
  • Clarity about what is holding you back, and what to do about it. (Worth $2,000)
  • A clear vision of the future thin you, defined on your own terms. (Worth $4,000)
  • Specific, achievable goals, tailored to your needs, and a clear path to achieve them. (Worth $4,000)
  • A personalized eating plan that fits your lifestyle, custom-tailored to your specific needs. (Worth $300)
  • A personalized movement plan that fits your lifestyle, custom-tailored to your specific needs. (Worth $300)
  • Clarity about steps you can take to create the lifestyle that fits your goals. (Worth $300)
  • A whole new outlook on life. (Aren’t you finally ready?)


  • See the social factors that support (as well as those that hinder) your success. Create a plan to build on your strengths and supplement where it will be helpful. (Worth $300)


  • See the environmental factors that support (as well as those that hinder) your success. Create a plan to manage in any situation so it works for you. (Worth $300)


  • Support each week while you take action, building the lifestyle, social and environmental supports, eating and movement patterns that can support you in being finally thin forever! ($2,000)
  • 10 1-on-1 deep coaching sessions with me, a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach. (Worth $3,500)

These things are easily worth $19,000, and you can have them all for just $1,900.

Proof It Works

Here’s my weight chart from MyFitnessPal over the past 7 years. I started above 210 pounds (which was before I began tracking in MyFitnessPal) and got down to 155 pounds. I’ve settled at an ideal 170 pounds and BMI = 24. That never needs to change, no matter what happens in my life.

Click Finally Thin Forever Now

Click Finally Thin Forever Now


I Guarantee,

  • If you continue doing what you’ve done, you will continue to get the results you’ve got.
  • If, by the end of the program, you do not feel you have everything you need to sustain your weight loss, I will give you, free of charge, 3 more sessions over 1 month, or 6 more sessions over 2 months, inside which you can continue to work and refine your plans and supports. (Are you certain this will not be enough time? Are you convinced you’re a “hard case”? We can customize a schedule and duration you feel is right for you.)
  • If you have not met your goal in one year from the date of our final session, you will be eligible for a 50% discount on the then-current program. If I no longer offer the program, I will personally coach you through the program again (in the form it finally existed), or I will pay for you to take another program.
  • If you participate fully in this program, and if you do the work as defined, your life will never be the same.
  • If you’re waiting for someone else, it will never get done. No one can want it more than you, and no one can do it for you, except you.

Take Ownership. Take Action. Start Now!

To claim your special “Finally Thin Forever” coaching session today, simply click Finally Thin Forever and answer these questions:

  1. How long have you been struggling to lose weight?
  2. On a scale of zero to 10 how important is it for you to lose weight and keep it off once and for all?
  3. What have you tried doing to lose weight in the past?
  4. What happened with those approaches?
  5. What do you see as your biggest challenge with weight loss?

Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address so someone from our office can get back to you within the next 24 to 48 hours to schedule your one-on-one “Finally Thin Forever” coaching session.

(Please allow up to 60 minutes for this coaching session.) Click Finally Thin Forever now to claim your session today.

PS: The sooner you send us your answers, the more likely you are to get a session.

Click Finally Thin Forever Now


Q: How long is the program?

A: The program is 10 sessions over about 3 months.

Q: Dylan, you’re not a Nutritionist/Dietitian/Doctor/Nurse/Fill-in-the-blank. What qualifies you to run a health-related program?

A: This is not a health-related program. This is a coaching program with educational components.

Q: Dylan, you’re not a Nutritionist/Dietitian. What qualifies you to create a diet training program?

A: This is not a diet training program. Everyone knows the answer to weight loss: eat less and move more. Yet, nearly 3/4 of the population of the United States of America is overweight or obese. Neither the problem nor the solution is one of diet training. This program anticipates you understand fundamentals of weight loss, and you know approaches and actions that have worked and not worked for you in the past. My job as a coach is to facilitate the process of you creating an integrated system of lifestyle elements that will support you to reach the weight you want.

Q: Dylan, I’ve been in program after program, and I just never follow through. How will you hold me accountable?

A: I will support you to literally design and step into a new life that results in you reaching and sustaining your ideal weight, seeing life through new eyes, shedding the weights of the past, and taking new actions. Your success in that process demands that you engage fully, do the work in and between our meetings, show up on time every time, and candidly share your results fully. If you are willing to be motivated and inspired, I can provide motivation and inspiration, I will make the tools available to you, and your job is to use them. I will support you in the process of building success, appreciating and respecting the immensity of the undertaking. The journey will be uncomfortable at times. If you are ready for a growth experience and the ride of your life, you will be rewarded. If you passively expect someone else to do the work for you, this is not the program for you.

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