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You are Worthy of a Safe Workplace

My life changed when I committed to having fantastic relationships in every area of my life.

You are worthy of a safe workplace

I struggled for years in uncomfortable situations and relationships until I realized I didn’t have to tolerate unacceptable communication behaviors or other boundary violations in my work or personal relationships.

Nobody has the right to belittle, berate, blame, shame, call you names, or yell at you.

For those who are unclear, your manager also has no right to belittle, berate, blame, shame, call you names, or yell at you.

Certainly, we all agree effective management is about setting a clear performance standard, working and supporting teammates to achieve that standard, measuring the resulting output, then implementing appropriate improvement mechanisms.

No part of effective management requires verbal or emotional abuse or name calling.

Comment and mention someone who has demonstrated consistently effective management behaviors with you and your team, and managed to do it without insult or abuse.

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Dylan Cornelius
Dylan Cornelius

I am the creator of the Career Acceleration Academy.

I have more than 30 years experience in business and leadership, including degrees in psychology and business, working as a recruiter and team leader building and leading small and large, collocated and remote teams, in Silicon Valley and around the world.

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