Work-life balance in 4 steps

Being balanced is a state of mind. It gives you the feeling that everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be and life flows effortlessly. Time also flows naturally and you can make the most of all the wonderful things around you. 

Change your mind to transform your life through work-life balance
Change your mind to transform your life through work-life balance

Most of the time, we are so caught up in our lives that we cannot see what’s in front of our eyes. Our whole attention is directed towards something we think can bring us stability and security, but that is only absorbing all our vital energy. 

The idea that work can bring you the stability and security you seek is a mere illusion. Life is made of many different facets, and they exist for you to experience them all. When you concentrate on one aspect only, you miss out on the rest and become imbalanced. 

By achieving a work-life balance, you gain the most precious thing ever: Time. Time for yourself to build meaningful relationships, grow your skills, and fulfill your dreams and ambitions. 

Why do you think that people with a work-life balance are more successful? Because they have time and room to grow! 

Avoid this at all costs

Before digging into what to do to gain work-life balance, let’s mention what to avoid at all costs.

The last thing you should do is rush. If you simply cut your working hours, you’re likely to fall back into old patterns at the first little bump in the road. Achieving a work-life balance is a state of mind and to acquire it, you need a plan.

I too was once in a frantic cycle. My life was falling apart in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t understand why I was passed up on promotion after promotion, even though I was working harder than others. All my relationships were failing, and my health was a disaster. 

Then I opened my eyes, and a veil was lifted. I studied and put effort into finding the best solution to achieve a proper work-life balance and a life that suited me. The life that I wanted to live!

4 pillars for a successful career and a balanced life

I discovered the 4 pillars for a successful career and a balanced life:

  1. Purpose. Finding and following your life purpose brings immense energy and motivation beyond anything you’ve experienced.
  2. Success mindset. This mental state leads you to accomplish all your goals independently of anything that happens around you.
  3. Positive relationships. Surround yourself with people who value you and support you for who you are. 
  4. Leadership. We all rely on others and being a leader means positively guiding and influencing those around you.

These 4 pillars have the power to transform your life, as they have transformed mine and that of many others.

You’ll gain a work-life balance mentality that will allow you to experience life fully, bringing you the clarity and stability you need to achieve your goals and succeed in your career. 

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