4 Reasons I Started My Business

As a first-born, I was first in my family to go to college, then graduate school, get a “good corporate job”, have a mid-life crisis (three times), survive broken relationships, make a career change, lose more than 50 pounds (twice!), receive an autoimmune diagnosis, and become a middle-aged, elite age-group athlete. I always felt like there was no-one who understood and could help me with these major events and transitions in my personal and professional life.

I’m making that resource available now.

Any aspect of your life or business that does not serve you, your family, or community diminishes the gift you’ve been given in life.

We only get one shot at this. Let’s make it awesome!

Difficulty in business

Through my childhood, I watched my Dad work hard, long days, with few days off, as owner of a small business with my name on the door: “Cornelius and Sons Construction”. At one point, he fired me and my younger brother, though he kept the name of the company.
Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Big Aspirations

I entered college with an admissions letter describing how I intended to get a Civil Engineering degree at the top ranked program in the world, then enter the family business to expand the services to include Engineering.


My Dad learned I did this and told me, “I’ll kill you if you go into construction. Don’t do what I did. You’re smarter than that. You get a degree and a good job. You don’t need to work hard like I have.” While I understood his good intentions, I was crushed and rudderless.

Now what?

I explored other avenues, with an eye toward the medical sector. In addition to the math, physics, and chemistry that had been required in Engineering, I took courses in life sciences, biology, anatomy, and physiology in preparation for medical school. That didn’t quite fit either, and I found a real interest in social sciences, anthropology, and psychology. I finally settled on a degree in Psychology.

Another false start

An internship in a psychiatric hospital convinced me that was not the career for me either. I knew before I entered the workforce I wanted a career in business, and I eventually returned to get a Masters Degree in Business Administration. I formed a company and found it impossible to sustain, and I resisted taking a full-time job, which I’ve now had for over a decade.

What I didn’t know I didn’t know

Looking back, I knew too little about product development and marketing to sustain a business. In this period of self-discovery, I learned how much of my life was about fulfilling the expectations of others. When I got fully in tune with what I really wanted, much of my life was out-of-place, didn’t serve me, and seemed to be simply an exercise of trading my time in life for the resources I needed to survive. I found I wanted more, I learned it was possible to get it, and I concluded I deserved it, as we all do.

Why I started my business

I’m now on a mission to create the sustainable lifestyle business that has eluded me my whole life. Through it, I am giving people the opportunity to avoid false starts and mis-steps, accelerate their progress in getting where they want, and get powerfully in action creating a life of purpose and meaning to them.

I help people:

  1. see with crystal clarity what they really want (as opposed to what they’re doing that isn’t really their choice),
  2. see what is standing in the way of them getting what they really want (it is often not what they thought),
  3. create workable plans to get what they want (personalized to their specific circumstances),
  4. get in action immediately, so they can have the body, relationships, and work life that will enable them to never have to work another day in their lives.

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I’m Dylan Cornelius.

I help leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals have the confidence, respect, and satisfaction they deserve, so they can look good, feel great, have deep connections, and love their job.

Overcome what’s holding you back, get what you really want, and reach your most ambitious goals.

Quickly adopt and successfully use principles of human performance, product development, and systems engineering to create lasting change and deliver results YOU value.

Use tools and techniques proven by leaders including Tony Robbins, Best Buy, CVS, Ross Stores, Oracle, and Dun & Bradstreet, to systematically design the results you want, align resources to deliver those results, and sustain the results over time.

Plan your Product, Plot your Path, Perform and Produce.

Be the author of your fitness, relationships, and work life.

Learn more here.

Also published on Medium.

Get your free New Directions Planning Guide. Be the author of your fitness, relationships, and work life.

Get your free New Directions Planning Guide. Be the author of your fitness, relationships, and work life.

Get your free planning guide, receive help and tools, get results you want.

Also published on Medium.

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