This can work for anybody who:

  • Has a 12th-grade education.
  • Is willing to read and write short lessons and assignments.
  • Is fed up with “the way it is”.
  • Believes they deserve better results and is not sure how to get them.
  • Will read simple lessons, do simple homework assignments, and keep pushing forward to get what they want.
  • Is willing to take part 100% and be supported by others.
  • Is willing to take responsibility for their own results.

You will love this program and the results you get, if you:

  • Are ready and willing to do anything to get different results.
  • Enjoy creative writing and learning new ideas.
  • Are ready to overcome fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, or self-criticism.
  • Have been frustrated in the past by rigid programs that tell you there is only one way to get a result.
  • Are looking for a personalized approach to solve real, ongoing problems and pursue real opportunities in your own life.
  • Appreciate a positive environment and social support.
  • Are willing to take part 100%, no matter what.

You are probably not a good fit for this program if you:

  • Prefer excuses over action.
  • Believe accountability is about blame and forcefulness.
  • “Never finish anything, and this time is unlikely to be any different.”
  • Prefer blame and finger-pointing to simple actions.
  • Expect somebody else to do it for you.
  • Don’t trust anybody to help you — they haven’t yet, why would they start now?
  • Have never invested in yourself and are not about to start now.

What Does The Program Include?