“Uncle Sam”: You’re Smarter Than That

6 Things You Can Do To Create Meaningful Communication In A Noisy World

The next time you hear or read about ‘Uncle Sam’ doing something, remember, it’s a misleading statement. Uncle Sam isn’t real.

Uncle Sam's not a person. Who's the person behind the policy or opinion?

‘Uncle Sam’ doesn’t do anything:

  • He doesn’t bail out companies or forgive loans: taxpayers ultimately foot the bill after Congress or an agency approves the expense.
  • He isn’t after your IRA or 401k: some legislator or regulator or lobbyist is pushing the regulatory environment in that direction.

Think about the real actors involved: ‘Uncle Sam’ is a fiction and a red herring.

What You Can Do

  1. Vote with your time and your dollars: Boycott people and media who engage in misleading and ambiguous rhetoric.
  2. Reflect and consider the source of such statements. Question their motives.
  3. Learn: Understand the system in which we operate, or fall for anything.
  4. Engage the source of the communication and clarify their meaning. Don’t let noise persist.
  5. Share your advice, information, and referrals below. I appreciate your contribution!
  6. Do nothing


Originally posted on Facebook May 20, 2016


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