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Uncage Your True Fit Self. Create A Life You Love.

Uncage Your True Fit Self. Create A Life You Love.

  • Too often in life, we make excuses instead of taking action and beginning the journey to get what we want.

  • We may not even realize we’re making excuses.

  • Maybe we ignore or avoid those areas of our lives that aren’t working the way we want.

On the other hand, there are people who seem always to be in action, for whom everything seems to go right. They’re renowned and respected (even if only in their small circles of friends and family) as healthy eaters and maybe amazingly athletic or fit. They seem to have it together. They make it look easy, though deep down you know they have the same daily 24 hours you do, and they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you do. Whether they know it or not (and whether you know it or not) they’ve created their outer true fit self, only by first creating their inner true fit self.

Let me out!
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  • Have you wanted to do more, go farther, or reach higher in your physical life?

  • Do you find it unbelievable when people say you can do it too?

  • Are you tired of feeling tired, fatigued, frustrated, fat, or lazy, like something’s missing?

I saw these in myself, spent years looking at this, then saw the answer…

This isn’t a new phenomenon

Nearly 3/4 of the United States is overweight or obese, daily becoming increasingly unable to physically carry out daily living tasks and the things they most want to do.

Worse: no pun intended, the number is GROWING every day.

Here’s How It Felt To Me

I didn’t even see it coming as I bought new clothes every year or two to fit my slowly growing figure. Periodically, I uncomfortably found my waist band binding painfully, or I’d ask the shoe shine man to punch a hole so my belt could get bigger.

What Happened

One day my doctor said I “could lose a few pounds”, and then she revealed she meant “45”. I saw my life heading toward a health train wreck, and I was totally unprepared to stop it.

What I Saw

There are four things fundamental to sustainable lifestyle change.

Power: I had to believe it was possible before I’d believe it was worth taking action. I had to find my own inner power.

People: I needed a team to support me. If I didn’t already have the team, I needed to build it.

Places: My environment supports me. It supports me to take actions that undermine me, or it supports me to take actions that help me. As humans have done for thousands of years, I can craft and re-craft my environment to my will.

Performance: My actions every moment and every day lead to my results. Same actions = same results. New actions = new results.

Ultimately, it’s my choice. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s a series of moments that got me here, and it’ll be a series of moments that gets me where I end up. I get to define every moment.

Here’s How It Works

When I looked at my life, much of it served to keep me stuck in place, doing the same things that hadn’t served me up until now, and weren’t likely to start any time soon.

I had to do a deep dive on the thoughts I had that keep me stuck, and the sources of those thoughts.

As I waded through the trash in my head, saw where it kept me stuck, and created a mindset and lifestyle that supported me to become the me I wanted to be, my life changed every day.

My Sustainable Weight and Fitness Resume

  • Lost over 100 pounds in my lifetime.
  • Kept excess weight off 7 years and counting, despite autoimmune diagnosis and chronic conditions.
  • Became a triathlete, even though I’d never run before, then ran 5 marathons, a half-ironman triathlon, and many other running and obstacle course races, triathlons, and multi-day bicycle tours.
  • I’ve stood on the podium for my age group at the end of 2 different running races, all after decades of sedentary weight gain.
  • Now I help others create the lifestyle and fitness THEY want! (Don’t worry if my outdoor activity isn’t for you. The principles behind the accomplishment are the same. You do what YOU want as you achieve the level of fitness YOU want).

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