Ticket to Freedom

There will be traffic and progress may be slow. Just stay on the bus and keep moving forward.
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Copywriting Mastermind Group



  • 5PM Pacific
  • 7 PM Central
  • 8PM Eastern


12PM Wellington




I. 2 minutes each (7:00-7:10)

  • Hellos
  • 1 minute – 90 seconds Wins of the week. Socially acceptable way to share testimonials. Testimony time. Couple minutes.
  • Be done by 7:10 pm

II. Hot Seat (7:10-7:45)

  • One or two people bring a succinctly described problem, challenge, or opportunity for group feedback, with little story. Then be quiet and listen to group feedback instead of defending or justifying.
  • If someone just wants to share but not get feedback it may be reflective of something big is happening they don’t want to talk about.
  • If it has too much story it may not be the right question to talk about.

III. Next Steps (7:45-7:55)

  1. Plan for next week.
  2. Current challenge.
  3. Prayer requests.

IV. Close (7:55-8:00)

Gratitude, Close with a prayer. What you got out of today’s meeting and the past week of progress in this area.


  • friendly.
  • supportive.
  • give feedback with the “sandwich” method.
  • be 100% engaged, interested, curious, learning, sharing, and teaching.
  • Read OYFOL and watch for C.U.B. (Compelling and/or Confusing, Unbelievable, Boring).
  • Watch for effective and complete use of PASTOR framework.
  • Share results and updates during the week by email and get feedback from others about it.
  • Commit to miss no more than theee weeks in a row or you may be disinvited.
  • Record for archiving. Put archives in basecamp.

Upcoming Hot Seats

  • September 19 Antoine 10 minute review. Dylan 25 minute new subject.
  • September 26 Dylan 10 minute review. Carrie 25 minute new subject.
  • October 3 Carrie 10 minute review. Hal 25 minute new subject.
  • October 10 Hal 10 minute review. Antoine 25 minute review.



Best Teaching Year Ever


Purple Pony Power


Results Accelerator

Logline: I help busy professionals with seemingly insurmountable goals overcome their hidden obstacles, define a workable path to success, and start doing the right things immediately, so they can achieve in months what they believed might be impossible or could take take years to accomplish.

Brief CTA: Plan your Purpose. Plot your Path. Perform and Produce.

How: Use the 10 P’s of Transformation to deliver the results you want — right now.

Finally Thin Forever

Logline: I help busy professionals who have never lost weight and kept it off see and overcome their hidden obstacles, use the 10 P’s of Transformation to create a lifestyle that supports their ideal weight, and have a say in their wight, fitness status, and health consequences for the rest of their life, starting right now.

Brief CTA: Plan your Product. Plot your Path. Perform and Produce.

How: Use the 10 P’s of Transformation to lose weight and keep it off forever — right now.

Prospect journey:

Dylan Cornelius BrandScript

dylancornelius.com first visit BrandScript


dylancornelius.com later visit BrandScript

dylancornelius.com TBD

Get the quiz BrandScript


Pre-Pre-Launch Autoresponder series BrandScript


Confirm email subscription

First they confirm subscription, then they get the bonus.

When they sign up, they know they are getting the incentive bonus AND they are getting the subscription.

They can always unsubscribe at any time.

Welcome new readers and share their incentive bonus.

Welcome them,

make a promise, and

invite them to connect.

Share featured content (your best or most popular posts).

Maybe this is a way to inspire prospects with success stories, tell them about you and the impact you and your products have on people like them

Ask a Question:

Go first, then

ask your readers what they are struggling with?

Share an inspiring story. Then if you have a small thing for sale, invite them to buy it.

Maybe the inspiring story should include a problem someone overcame by using the small thing you’re selling?

Invite them to share something you’ve given them with a friend.

Set Expectations.

Encourage them and

share what they should expect in the future, and

maybe even let them opt out if they don’t connect with your long-term vision.

Love My Body web page BrandScript


Finally Thin Forever Pre-Launch Series BrandScript

Horizontal sales page TBD

Long Form Launch Page

Short Form Launch Page

Finally Thin Forever Launch Series BrandScript

Launch TBD

Finally Thin Forever Application BrandScript


Finally Thin Forever Conversation BrandScript

Telephone conversation

Finally Thin Forever Agreement BrandScript


Free session that sells BrandScript


Syllabus BrandScript

Finally Thin Forever Syllabus


Fix Your Relationship


Home School Arts Accelerator

Lead generator sales page

Confirmation Page

Past Hot Seats

  • Dylan July 11
  • Antoine July 18
  • Pat July 25
  • Dylan August 1 (filling in for Hal)
  • Carrie August 8
  • Hal August 15
  • Antoine August 22
  • Missed meeting August 29
  • Pat September 5
  • Pat September 12

Business Development

Who are you?

Blogging Personality

Jeff Goins Intentional Blog

Podcasting Personality

John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire

What role will you play?

Millionaire Master Plan

What’s your online business role?

What’s your entrepreneur job title?

Who will you serve?

Forget about Your Elevator Pitch: Learn to SNAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKlWq1ikoVs&feature=youtu.be

Go to 6:54 to see what SNAP is and then got to 26:17 -28:40 to see the magic this lady weaves out of a scattered pitch to make it shine.

How will you help them?

Minimal viable outcome from Mirasee Coursebuilders Laboratory Module 2, Lesson 11

Product development

What is your Minimum viable product? Test it in your market (with the people you will serve).



Get your First Follower

Online selling

Automated: Long Form Sales Letter with the PASTOR Method

Online-to-in-person: Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula

  • PrePreLaunch series
  • PreLaunch series
    • What
    • Why
  • Launch sequence for each product
    • Seed Launch
    • Internal Launch
    • JV Launch