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The Truth About Leadership Skills

The Truth About Leadership Skills

Have you ever met someone that motivates you and brings out the best in you, who can clearly pass their vision on to you and make you a participant in it?

The truth about leadership skills
Are leadership skills given by nature or nurture?

This is someone with incredible leadership skills.

Leaders inspire security and trust and make you see their life or work visions as a wonderful experience you want to participate in.

Not everyone is born with leadership skills, and it’s important to acquire them to succeed in a work environment. However, some people think that leadership skills cannot be taught.

Now, it’s essential to make a distinction between leaders and managers. Something that many get confused about. Leaders inspire and motivate people to achieve a goal, while managers focus on the details of how to get there.

Companies spend an exorbitant amount of money on leadership skills training for senior management staff. However, these investments hardly produce any tangible results.

Most staff who have undergone leadership skills training have applied what they’ve learned in the first couple of weeks/month. Soon after, they realize that it’s impossible to sustain these principles due to managerial and organizational barriers, so they revert to old systems.

Secrets of Effective Leaders

So what is the secret of effective leaders? They also have the same barriers, so why is that not an issue for them? Were they actually born with leadership skills?

You know, I had the exact same issue. I worked twice as hard as others in my company, and I followed management skills only. Yet I couldn’t understand why I was passed promotion after promotion.

 I too wanted to be successful, inspiring, and influential. So, I spent years studying and researching, consuming any management and self-development material you can think of.

Then I realized I’d never applied the leadership training I’d gotten in graduate school.

When I stepped into authentic, servant leadership, when I began practicing leadership skills every day, my life transformed, I got promoted and picked to lead teams.

Pillars of leadership and success

I discovered the 4 pillars of leadership and success:

  1. Purpose. Finding and following your life purpose brings immense energy and motivation beyond anything you’ve experienced.
  2. Success mindset. This mental state leads you to accomplish all your goals independently of anything that happens around you.
  3. Positive relationships. Surround yourself with people who value you and support you for who you are.
  4. Leadership. We all rely on others, and being a leader means positively guiding and influencing those around you.

These 4 pillars have the power to transform your life, as they have changed mine and that of many others.

You’ll be able to be a true leader, gaining the clarity and balance you need to achieve your goals and succeed in anything you want.

Begin improving your leadership skills today

Start today and get free access to the first pillar of my Career Accelerator Blueprint: Purpose, where you’ll find the four types of questions my clients and I use to define success right now. 

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Leadership begins with a personal strategic plan. Start now: define your purpose. Get started with your free life purpose blueprint now. Clarify your purpose. Be inspired. Stay focused. 1st Stop of the "Career Acceleration Roadmap". Get the Life Purpose Blueprint now.
Leadership begins with a personal strategic plan. Start now: define your purpose. Get started with your free life purpose blueprint now. Clarify your purpose. Be inspired. Stay focused. 1st Stop of the “Career Acceleration Roadmap”. Get the Life Purpose Blueprint now.

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