Business Failure — You Do Have One, Don’t You?

Failure Offers Opportunity To Develop Resilience

There’s an idea among some venture capitalists that no entrepreneur is investable if s/he hasn’t already had a business failure. The idea is that someone who’s already done it may better recognize the million little pieces of evidence leading up to an eventual failure. The understanding is they’ll be more sensitive to those signals when […]

Dread and failure are created conditions. You can just as easily create aliveness and success.

Tell Me About A Time You Went “Above And Beyond” For A Customer

Here Are 6 Times I Went "Above And Beyond" For Customer Satisfaction

There I was in an interview with a hiring manager from I realized later maybe I should have prepared with one of those books about questions google managers ask. My answer wasn’t well-rehearsed or highly polished. I hadn’t much considered in the past couple of years whether my performance was above and beyond for […]

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He Increased Leads And Sales 25%

He Improved His Reputation

There I am at my doctor’s office, and I ask, “How’s business?”* He says he’d like to improve customer visits and sales per visit. He gets a lot of calls, but not all are great prospects. There’s a lot of upside potential. I tell him, “That’s interesting, and maybe not surprising. I noticed your Yelp […]

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Are You Happy With Your Results (Who’s Responsible For Your Performance)?

He Didn't Believe What He Learned

My friend, a therapeutic professional and part of my athletic training recovery program, was accused by his boss of delivering below his sales quota. He said it didn’t seem right: a simple calculation of his number of appointments times bill rates added up to much more than the business performance reports credited him. The result […]

Businessman looks in shock at a document he just read