Stop Killing Money! 27 Ways To Improve Delivery On Your Next Project

Principles Are Easy (Executing Them Apparently Is Not)

Let’s say you’re an executive, board member, or investor, and you’re tired of watching money die as you fund project after project that doesn’t meet desired outcomes. Furthermore, best practices for successful software project management have not been meaningfully disputed since The Standish Group published the earliest CHAOS reports over 20 years ago. Nonetheless, year […]

Carrying Boxloads Of Money

26 Signs You’re In Trouble (Do You Need A Project Manager Or A Priest?)

Troubled Project Recovery, Exorcism, Or Last Rites?

Congratulations, you’re a project manager! The investment team has already set the budget, schedule, and scope of your product development project. The executive staff assembled the project team. Like any catastrophic failure, errors have already been made by multiple parties, well in advance of the events that will ultimately expose the failure. Now, they will watch and […]

Do you need a project manager or a priest?

4 Signs Your Team Is Engaged (How To Increase Engagement)

4 Reasons To Follow Through On Gossip And Fear-Mongering

There I was at work: a team member said something that sounded like fearful gossip about another team (examples are in headings below). While fear-mongering and gossip does occur in the workplace, there’s a skill in correctly managing these interactions. Sometimes, these are opportunities to discuss concerns that are or could be impacting project success. Team […]

Help teams build a bridge to high performance

Information Security Assessment

These Things Are Critical

Conversations about information security are so awash in the myriad details of shiny objects, silver bullets, attacks, threats, risks, tools, tips, hacks, and one-size-fits-all solutions, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals of security. For example, if I had to perform a physical security assessment for a home, I’d need to know the people […]

Businessman looks in shock at a document he just read

We Needed A Miracle

We Created A Plan

The lead software developer on my team came by my desk to tell me she needed to tell me something. Her plan was to step into a conference room, apparently due to the sensitive nature of the message. Once in the small room, she broke the news. “We’re screwed. The team and I have discussed […]

Help teams build a bridge to high performance