How to Troubleshoot Underperformance: Identify Root Cause and Improve Lessons Learned

How to Troubleshoot Underperformance: Identify Root Cause and improve lessons learned. Turn lemons into lemonade.

Note: in last week’s post, I said I’d publish personal goals this week. I’m behind schedule on that, so this week I’m publishing this supplement to prior articles about building and motivating teams. When things aren’t going your way, or when team members are underperforming, take a look at the symptoms, then see if you […]

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Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 3 and 12 Month Targets: April 18, 2019

Two child playing arrow: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash. Find Purpose in Life. Create a Plan. Document Lessons Learned. Commit to Continuous Improvement.

Every quarter I set new 3 and 12 month personal and business goals. These are business goals. Personal goals are in next week’s post. I shared last quarter’s accomplishments over the last 2 weeks. Dylan Cornelius Management, LLC 2Q Goals (Confidence Level) April 11: Update website Terms of Use April 18: Reproduce introductory video for […]

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Foundation of Great Results: Learning and Memory

continuous improvement

If you’re committed to great results via new results or outcomes (innovation), it becomes necessary to learn new techniques, then develop them into skills and habits. The foundation of this kind of self development is continuous improvement through applied learning and memory. The primary difficulty in learning new skills and habits is … we must overcome […]

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