A Few Favorites for Inspiration, Athletics, Performance, and Recovery

Dylan Cornelius at home

Reading Time: 3 minutes. What do you do for fun? Here are a few of my favorites: things, places, and people. Let them know I recommended them. Maybe I’ll see you there soon! Inspiration Empowerment Coaching Landmark Worldwide (helped me see I can have anything I want) Strategic Intervention Coaching at Robbins-Madanes Training (had me see I’m a great coach) Christian Mickelsen (coach of coaches) Business […]

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Employee Wellness Programs Work. Use Them!

Dylan finishes the Capital of Texas Triathlon 2012

Reading Time: 3 minutes. In 2008, I received my first free health checkup as an employee of Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. My results weren’t great, but they weren’t horrible either. They were at the high end of healthy, and they changed between 2008 and 2009: each one got a little worse, by just a point or two. However, the […]

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What Dylan Cornelius Values

My favorite race is the one I just finished because it's so damn hard in the midst of it, so nice when it's over, and I always feel such an amazing accomplishment when I've worked hard and met the challenge.

Reading Time: 10 minutes. What does Dylan Cornelius value? It took some time with, and even after executive coaching, to come up with this definitive short list. Following are my values. They’re a guide for how I live my life. The list is a touchstone when I need focus or clarity. Each value inspires and is important to me. […]

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Know Thyself, And To Thine Own Self Be True: 6 Things You Can Do To Live Your Best Life

Be Yourself

Reading Time: 4 minutes. I opened my blogger.com account around 2005 as a start of an ongoing effort to clarify and display my personal brand, then never wrote a single word. When I resurrected it, I realized I’d left it dormant 11 years. 11 years to my first blog post. Wow! It can be hard to choose, then publicly declare, a […]

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