How to Plan Your Product: Salary Tools to Love Your Professional Job

Young woman holding money: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Isn’t it be great to be paid fairly? Would you love to receive the pay you know you’re worth? Avoid the stress of not knowing your salary expectations aren’t aligned with your employer’s… Studies have found a hundred million people in the United States believe they’re underpaid (link below). Many probably are. A hundred million […]

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4 Signs Your Team Is Engaged (and How To Increase Engagement)

Help teams build a bridge to high performance

There I was at work: a team member said something that sounded like fearful gossip about another team (examples are in numbered headings below). While fear-mongering and gossip does occur in the workplace, there’s a skill in correctly managing these interactions. Sometimes, these are opportunities to discuss concerns that are or could be impacting project […]

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