Happy Father’s Day 2021!!!

Dylan and Yancey with Age Group Swimming Trophies

My Dad Works Hard My Dad is the hardest working person I know. 7 days a week, 7 AM to 7 PM. He used to fall asleep every night watching the 10:00 news because it had the weather forecast. It let him know how he’d spend the next day working. As a mason early in […]

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What Dylan Cornelius Values

My favorite race is the one I just finished because it's so damn hard in the midst of it, so nice when it's over, and I always feel such an amazing accomplishment when I've worked hard and met the challenge.

What does Dylan Cornelius value? It took some time with, and even after executive coaching, to come up with this definitive short list. Following are my values. They’re a guide for how I live my life. The list is a touchstone when I need focus or clarity. Each value inspires and is important to me. […]

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