We Needed A Miracle

We Created A Plan

The lead software developer on my team came by my desk to tell me she needed to tell me something. Her plan was to step into a conference room, apparently due to the sensitive nature of the message. Once in the small room, she broke the news. “We’re screwed. The team and I have discussed […]

Help teams build a bridge to high performance

He Lived In Fear Of Financial Results

Are You Ready For Improved Performance?

There I am at work. My boss tells me he wants me to look into something for him. “I live in fear of the monthly accounting reconciliation. The results are inconsistent and unpredictable. Too often, they’re worse than expected. I need you to look into it and figure out what’s going on. Partner with our […]

Businessman looks in shock at a document he just read

Know Thyself, And To Thine Own Self Be True: 6 Things You Can Do To Live Your Best Life

Does Fear Stop YOU? Would You Even Know?

I opened my blogger.com account around 2005 as a start of an ongoing effort to clarify and display my personal brand, then never wrote a single word. When I resurrected it, I realized I’d left it dormant 11 years. 11 years to my first blog post. Wow! It can be hard to choose, then publicly declare, a […]

Be Yourself

Why I Run: My Journey To Fitness. You Can Get Fit Too.

7 Steps You Can Take To Change Your Life

This morning I ran 10 miles before breakfast, and that was never going to happen. My fitness was poor and my health was slowly getting worse. My grandparents were dying of the same conditions I was destined to repeat. Eventually, I increased my activity level, improved my fitness, and found a whole new level of […]

Dylan Cornelius Rogue Distance Festival 30k run 2015. I ran nearly 19 miles for fitness. This was never going to happen.