Dylan Cornelius Lessons Learned 2Q 2019

Target board. Photo by pixabay.com via pexels.com

Every quarter I set new personal and business goals for the next 3 and 12 months. These lessons learned are based on personal goals (Objectives and Key Results) I set 3 and 12 months ago (plus a few I’ve added). I shared business accomplishments last week. Personal Targets I set for 2Q 2019 (and confidence […]

5 Step Values Exercise Example: Power in Practice

Craft your personal Policy. Name your values. Declare your purpose in life. Live a great story.

Your first assignment was to complete the 5 Step Values Exercise. If you haven’t reviewed the instructions yet and attempted to start, go do it now. I’ll wait. On the other hand… if you have reviewed the instructions, you’re stuck in execution, or you want an example of how to do it… here you go… […]

Why I Run: My Journey To Fitness. You Can Get Fit Too.

Dylan Cornelius Rogue Distance Festival 30k run 2015. I ran nearly 19 miles for fitness. This was never going to happen.

This morning I ran 10 miles before breakfast, and that was never going to happen. My fitness was poor and my health was slowly getting worse. My grandparents were dying of the same conditions I was likely¬†to repeat. Eventually, I increased my activity level, improved my fitness, and found a whole new level of awareness […]