How to Troubleshoot Underperformance: Identify Root Cause and Improve Lessons Learned

How to Troubleshoot Underperformance: Identify Root Cause and improve lessons learned. Turn lemons into lemonade.

Note: in last week’s post, I said I’d publish personal goals this week. I’m behind schedule on that, so this week I’m publishing this supplement to prior articles about building and motivating teams. When things aren’t going your way, or when team members are underperforming, take a look at the symptoms, then see if you […]

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10 P’s to Change Your Life

Sometimes it feels like we are powerless to change our situation in life. Sometimes it seems like certain situations have always existed, and it even seems like nothing could ever change them. However, in the thread of history, the only thing that has been reliable is … change. Everything can change, and eventually everything will. […]

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How To Create New Motivation

Woman turning head Photo by Carolina on Unsplash

From time to time, on a long enough journey or project, we all may lose sight of the end goal, lose motivation or momentum, or develop a sense of directionlessness or stalled inertia. Sometimes we just procrastinate. No matter how we experience it, or what we call it, the observed result is we waste our […]

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