Upgrade Your Self Talk With Positive Affirmations

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Do you have ‘rules you live by’? Have you noticed how sometimes your greatest strength is also a weakness? Are you ever frustrated by a conflict between what you want to do and what you need to do? The nature of results Why is it that some things in this world happen reliably, as if […]

Dylan Cornelius Lessons Learned 2Q 2019

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Every quarter I set new personal and business goals for the next 3 and 12 months. These lessons learned are based on personal goals (Objectives and Key Results) I set 3 and 12 months ago (plus a few I’ve added). I shared business accomplishments last week. Personal Targets I set for 2Q 2019 (and confidence […]

Places: Context is decisive. Have confidence everywhere.

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Have you noticed there are places in your life where certain things happen predictably? In these places, things happen almost as if on auto-pilot, without the need to create a plan or work at it. Like it or not, you can have confidence those things will happen in those places. (Bear with me while I […]

Build a team and grow great results.

Grow your team. Grow your results. Boys soccer team with adult coach. photo by adria-crehuet-cano-664505-unsplash

In People lesson 1, we discussed the primary roles on an innovation team. Now we’ll turn to discussion of who should be on your team, and some thoughts on how to build a team. Build team “When you expand your team, you can expand your results.”  Dylan Cornelius For example, you expanded your team when […]

Use These 3 Tools to Stimulate Creativity and Self-Expression

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How do our vision and planning tools work? The vision and planning exercises in our courses and programs combine elements of three powerful tools to support you in finding your most creative and accurate self-expression. First, Visualize Visualization is a tool my grade school swim coach, Mr. Jim Griffin, taught his swimmers to literally see […]

Have Confidence: 1st Key to Manage Change

Power is a choice

In the first part of this lesson, you learned that power is a choice. In this lesson, we’ll discuss confidence. It’s amazing how easy it is to have confidence when we have power. If you are willing to be powerful, you can have confidence. Take this opportunity to choose power, then read on and be […]

Claim Your Power: Bedrock To Change Your Life

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Claim your power and change your life.  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” –Henry Ford Have you noticed how some people just know they’re the boss? They have no question it’s them. Furthermore, everyone knows they’re the boss. Everyone else defers to them. There’s no question that everyone else is […]

5 Reasons I Wanted to Start a Small Business

Have a career not a professional job. Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

By age 20, my mom was a single, working mom with 2 kids. In her family, and in the world at that time, that was a terribly difficult situation. She is a strong woman. My dad is a general contractor who started his career as a bricklayer in the local mason’s union. He is a […]

Write a Vision Statement to clarify your purpose In life

Lori rejoices after a small victory.

Until I found my purpose in life, my life wasn’t really working. I was passed over for promotions four times in three years. Every time, a peer became my boss. My wife hated me. Whatever I did, it just made things worse. My brother told me I’d been complaining for five years: “Do something about […]

How I Found Purpose and Great Results Through Continuous Improvement

My favorite race is the one I just finished because it's so damn hard in the midst of it, so nice when it's over, and I always feel such an amazing accomplishment when I've worked hard and met the challenge.

In my late thirties, I was scared healthy as I watched my grandparents die of strokes and heart attacks. As I took my journey to fitness [1], I’ve become better informed about the links between lifestyle choices, health, and mortality. I’ll use some elements of this journey as a case study for delivering great results. […]