Dylan Cornelius 3 and 12 Month Accomplishments: April 11, 2019

Target board. Photo by pixabay.com via pexels.com

Reading Time: 4 minutes. Every quarter I set new personal and business goals for the next 3 and 12 months. This assessment is based on personal goals I set 3 and 12 months ago. I shared business accomplishments last week. My 2019 1Q 3 Month Targets (confidence level/result/assessment) Summary: overall I met (79+100+45+100+45)/5 = 74% of my 3 month […]

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Dylan Cornelius 3 and 12 month Accomplishments: January 10, 2019

Photo by David Paschke on Unsplash

Reading Time: 3 minutes. I said I wanted to meet 4 goals in 2018. I’ve added a few goals, organized it according to my primary personal values, separated these personal goals from my business goals, and am converting this to a rolling quarterly update of Objectives and Key Results. Personal Accomplishments from 3 months of 4th Quarter 2018 Go […]

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How to Easily Find Purpose

Lori rejoices after a small victory.

Reading Time: 5 minutes. Practice: Use these exercises to clarify your purpose Have you ever been frustrated in your attempts to get what you want? Do you want to know how great athletes and high achievers deliver THEIR best results? When you really look, does it seem like you’re not even sure what you want? Define your purpose clearly, […]

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She Was Fired With Severance

When they pay you, take the money!

Reading Time: 2 minutes. There I was at work, walking down the hallway to check in with a coworker. Another coworker approached me, moving fast. “That <insert profanity here> just fired me!”* “Whoa!”, I said. “You’re still in the building. Usually you’d be walked out the door if you’d been fired.” “My last day is next Friday.” “Will you […]

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