19 Ways You Can Be A Smart Medical Consumer

You Are Your Best Advocate. To The Businesses, You're Revenues.

As an athlete and patient with chronic conditions, I have seen facets of the insurance/medical establishment I hope the average medical consumer never has to learn. I bring formal training and an entire career in managing businesses. As a result of these experiences, I’m a smarter medical consumer than ever before. If I can help you […]

Be A Smart Medical Consumer

My Autoimmune Diagnosis – A Dark Comedy. Part 4

My Doctors Said There's No Point Trying To Improve My Condition; I Got Second Opinions

This story is continued from here. Keep Coming Back… My endocrinologist said she expected me to continue to see her or another doctor ongoing. I told her I’d received a referral to someone who specializes in this area. She asked who, I told her, and her immediate response was that’s the only doctor she’d allow […]

Test tube with blood for Thyroid test.

My Autoimmune Diagnosis – A Dark Comedy. Part 2

The Truth May Not Set You Free Immediately.

This is part 2 of a series. Part 1 is here. Score! Fast forward to the endocrinologist: palpation of my neck, ultrasound, blood test. At my second appointment with her, the endocrinologist seemed thrilled, elated, even a little giddy. I recalled the young doctors on TV who fight for the opportunity to make a new diagnosis […]

Just a simple injection in the thigh.

Have You Self-Administered B12 Injections? Me Neither.

My Autoimmune Diagnosis - A Dark Comedy. Part 3

This article is part 3 of a series. Part 2 is here. Part 1 is here. Pants Down To My Knees In A Closet There I am with my pants down to my knees, a syringe in one hand, antiseptic swab in the other, and this strange guy sitting in front of me, casually acting like […]

My Plan B is Just Another Way to Make My Plan A Work

My Autoimmune Diagnosis – A Dark Comedy. Part 1.

Will You Be Defined By A Limited Perspective, Or One Of Possibility?

When I received my autoimmune diagnosis several years ago, it was like a satire of poor bedside manner where I, as the patient, was the butt of the joke in a system designed so patients have limited access to information, little or no leverage, no advocate, and all the risks and expenses of their situation. I’ve seen […]

Do You Have An Autoimmune Disease?!

13 Things I’m Doing To Eliminate Allergies For Good.

I'm A Chronic. Are You? Everyone's Doing It. We Don't Have To.

I recently realized I’m a member of the chronic class because I suffer environmental allergies. As a sufferer of these chronic conditions, I regularly take 3 drugs plus allergy shots, for a half-dozen different allergens. I’ve learned I’m not alone. Either way, I’m committed to eliminating my allergies and drug dependency. Here are 15 things […]

You Can Manage Your Health And Costs. Eliminate Allergies For Good.