Be a Smarter Medical Consumer for Your Chronic Illness

Be A Smarter Medical Consumer for Your Chronic Illness

As a patient with chronic illness, including an autoimmune disorder, I have seen facets of the insurance/medical sectors I hope the average medical consumer never has to witness. To my medical experiences, I have brought formal training and an entire career managing teams in the best businesses. What that means is, I have seen these […]

13 Things I’m Doing To Manage Chronic Illness.

You Can Manage Your Health And Costs. Eliminate Allergies For Good.

In 2017, I realized I have a chronic illness because I was diagnosed with ongoing environmental allergies since about 2010. Speaking of chronic illness, I’ve also been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. [1] As an allergy sufferer, at one time I took 5 drugs daily plus 2 weekly allergy shots. My allergist tells me I’m […]