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Who This Blog is For This blog at dylancornelius.com is for leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs who are committed to deliver unprecedented results, maybe inspire others with the size of their impact, create a new normal in their own life, and maybe even their community and the world at large. If you’re contemplating big initiatives, you […]

My Life Is A Caricature. Is Yours?

dylan cornelius my life is a caricature

Here’s an up-close and personal view of a whole life in a few dozen bullet points. For entertainment purposes and accuracy, I’ve highlighted the most significant, most formative experiences. Rather than tone down them down, I’ve maybe even dressed them up a little. In relief like this, my life is a caricature. Not everyone will […]

My Intention To Experience The World Fully

It's time to make the commitment and do it.

Since college, I’ve had an unspoken goal to travel and experience the world. Increasingly, I see this is never going to happen until I get real clear about my goal and organize my life to meet it. I want to go large, like 190 countries large. I want to really travel the world, visit every […]

Continuous Improvement In Triathlon: I Want To Qualify For Boston Marathon

Dylan finishes the Capital of Texas Triathlon 2012

There I was in the foyer of my home, hot and sweaty after a bicycle ride in the late-spring heat, searching for the reason to continue. I knew I wouldn’t keep cycling 3 days a week, so I chose to enter a triathlon: I’d wanted to be a triathlete since childhood. Since then, I’ve discovered continuous improvement, […]

13 Things I’m Doing To Manage Chronic Illness.

You Can Manage Your Health And Costs. Eliminate Allergies For Good.

In 2017, I realized I have a chronic illness because I was diagnosed with ongoing environmental allergies since about 2010. Speaking of chronic illness, I’ve also been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. [1] As an allergy sufferer, at one time I took 5 drugs daily plus 2 weekly allergy shots. My allergist tells me I’m […]