Build a business to share expertise where and when you want

Why NOT You?

You know stuff.

You know stuff nobody else knows.

Even if they know it, they don’t have your unique experiences with it, and they don’t have your knack for teaching or your passion for the subject.

You know there are people with your love of self development and continuous improvement, and you know they are desperate to learn what you know.

You want something big

You’re not unique: everyone wants something…

…but you’re uniquely you.

Whatever it is you want, it’s yours alone.

Sure, there are others who want something very similar to what you want, but in the fine details, you alone want exactly what you want.

It doesn’t exist yet.

If you did, you’d be out using it, or expanding it, or building it further.

That’s why you’re here.

You believe it’s possible.

…or, at least, you believe it’s worth pursuing.

You can build it.

Don’t take my word for it

If you don’t believe me, these guys do an amazing job of inspiring people just like me and you to take what they know and develop a product that the rest of the world desperately wants.

People want to know things only you know.

Share your passion.

Business Development

Following is an outline of the journey to sustainable, location-flexible, time-flexible, expert business.

Follow this outline to achieve product-market fit in a business that is your total self-expression, where your passion will sustain through the difficult parts of starting and sustaining a lifestyle business.

I. It starts with you.

What is your motivation? What do you want?

  • Pat Flynn map from will it fly
  • Sam ovens exercise from consulting 101

Who are you?

What is your personality?

Blogging Personality: Jeff Goins Intentional Blog

Podcasting Personality: John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire

What role will you play?

See yourself as the guide

II. It continues with your ability

Define the problem you the guide will help your hero customer overcome

  • What is your vision? (“I envision a world where every…”)
  • What is your mission? (“I am committed to causing…”)
  • What is your expertise? (“I am (or will be) an expert in causing…”)

Become a leader in your industry

III. Next, Choose who you’ll help



Who will you serve?
  • Choose your customer
  • Define your customer as hero
    • Expert Secrets, Russell Brunson
    • Building Your Story Brand

What problem will you help them solve?

  • Growth
  • Giving
  • Connection
  • Status

Note: Right now, your avatar is just a theory about who needs, wants, and will pay for the results your product will deliver. Later, you will understand who your real buyers will be.

IV. Ask them what they really want

  • Choose by Ryan Levesque
    • Single Most Important Question (SMIQ)
    • survey tool
  • Ask by Ryan Levesque
    • Single Most Important Question (SMIQ)
    • survey tool
  • Seed Launch From Launch by Jeff Walker
  • Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson
  • Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson

V. How will you deliver your help to them?


How will you help your customers?

What is the journey your customers will follow as they solve their problem?

  • Nicholas Boothman says write a book and do it as a 10 step process from where they are to the final outcome
  • Danny Iny’s Mirasee Coursebuilders Laboratory says do it as an online course
  • Russell Brunson in Expert Secrets says to do it in a 6 step online course
  • Define your user journey map

Brainstorm your product

  • Minimal Viable Outcome from Mirasee Coursebuilders Laboratory Module 2, Lesson 11
  • Lean startup Lean canvas
  • The 1-page marketing plan canvas

Define your product as a process your customer can use to overcome their problem

What is your Minimum viable product? Test it in your market (with the people you will serve).
  • Use a Lean canvas to simplify your product business model
  • Jeff Walker Internal Launch

Set your price

How to Price Your Online Course: Essential Lessons From 9 Years of Course Building (Danny Iny of Mirasee)

Define and price your

One time offer (OTO) upsell

Downsell and pricing plan

Future offer(s)

Forget about Your Elevator Pitch: Learn to SNAP

Go to 6:54 to see what SNAP is and then go to 26:17 -28:40 to see the magic this woman weaves out of a scattered pitch to make it shine.

Write an effective tag line

Create a Community

  • What are the members of your community called?
  • Where does the community assemble?
  • Learn more about nurturing a community in section 2 of The Power of Onlyness

How to start a movement

  • ted talk
  • Derek Sivers
  • First follower

VI. Make your first sale


video demonstrating how to use the sixteen closes while you are doing The Stack. To see that video, go to

VII. Promotion

Product name

3 words that describe the result your customer wants


Funnel per product Or lead magnet

Opt in Landing page

Sequence per Jeff walker launch

Sales page with optin link

Purchase page

VIII. Risk Management


Name your Company

IX. Advertise

Get your First Follower

by communicating your


To your




At a time

X. Sell

As you marketing delivers interested prospects who respond to you CTA, you’ll either sell in person or by sales page and automated online transaction.

For higher priced products, your sales cycle will culminate in a personal conversation.


via email and a funnel

1. Use Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula launches as models

See detailed instructions to implement this model in my post titled: Launch. Here is a summary.

  • PrePreLaunch email series in ActiveCampaign or your campaign manager of choice
  • PreLaunch seriesin ActiveCampaign or your campaign manager of choice
    • What
    • Why
  • Launch sequence for each product
    • Seed Launch
    • Internal Launch
    • JV Launch
  • Post-Launch

2. Use ClickFunnels Funnel Blueprints to design your ActiveCampaign campaigns and landing pages



Totally Automated

Use this model for very inexpensive (or free) products, or, for higher priced products, after you’ve perfected your online lead generation and personal conversions. 

For higher priced products, you’ll need all your early online-to-in-person promotion, lead generation, and sales conversion experience (plus the  investment capital you earned) to craft and perfect sales letters that reliably convert.

Use a Long Form Sales Letter written with Ray Edwards’ PASTOR Method (or an equivalent model), hosted by an online purchase platform like one of the following:

XI. Scale Business Systems



  • Org chart
  • Policy
  • How to hire


  • Product development systems for new products
  • Marketing automation for existing products
  • Split test every landing page and sales page with click funnels


  • Sales automation for low-priced and perfected high-price product business systems
  • Sales staff for reliable ongoing sales of high-priced products, until you can automate
  • For more about customer experience automation to drive more sales, see ActiveCampaign CX. In a nutshell, it’s about:
    • Content
    • Routing
    • Timing

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