How It Works

Dylan Cornelius has applied a project management framework to help business people:

  • create laser-like focus on exactly what they want in their lives and businesses,
  • re-invent themselves, their lifestyles, and their business systems to powerfully support getting those results,
  • devise workable action plans to deliver the results, and
  • master the skills necessary to build and sustain the results —

all in 10 sessions over 4 months.

How It Works

Our approach works because it enables anyone to quickly leverage fundamentals of sustainable change revealed in:

  • Individualized Coaching: a decade coaching people to breakthrough results in their lives, including weight and fitness, job and career, relationships and effectiveness, satisfaction and decision-making,
  • Product Development and Change Management: more than two decades building teams and products, and leading large-scale change for Fortune 500 companies including Dun & Bradstreet, Oracle, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte Consulting, Best Buy, Circuit City, CVS, Sears Holdings, Ross Stores (Dress For Less), and Applied Materials,
  • studying neuroscience and human development at UC Berkeley,
  • studying management of innovation at Santa Clara University, and
  • training in ontology and phenomenology at Landmark Worldwide.


As a first-born, I was first in my family to go to college, then graduate school, get a “good corporate job”, have a mid-life crisis (three times), survive broken relationships, make a career change, lose more than 50 pounds, receive an autoimmune diagnosis, and become a middle-aged, elite age-group athlete. I always felt like there was no-one who understood and could help me with these major events and transitions in my personal and professional life. I’m making that resource available to you.

Any aspect of your life or business that does not serve you, your family, or community diminishes the gift you’ve been given in life. You only get one shot at this. Let’s make it awesome!