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How a strategic plan can change your whole life

How a strategic plan can change your whole life

Isn’t it about time to create and execute your all-around success plan? This isn’t just for companies anymore. Anyone with an unmet goal and a desire to succeed can create and execute a strategic plan.

The importance of having a strategic plan

The importance of having a strategic plan

Any respectable company creates strategic plans to define its goals, approaches, and processes to follow a clear direction and allocate resources.

Acting randomly rarely brings accomplishments. And, on the rare occasion these materialize, they’re short-lived achievements.

Therefore, we can say that a strategic plan is a map for long-term and sustainable success.

Having a direction and a system focused on achieving objectives is a helpful practice not only for businesses.

It can help you improve your own life!

A personal strategic plan can help you improve your life

A personal strategic plan brings you clarity, as it’s an excellent opportunity to analyze your current situation and establish whether you’re on the right path or not. It’ll be easier to think of your next move from this position.

Also, it’s a self-leadership strategy. And, if you can lead yourself, you can indeed lead others!

Another benefit of a personal strategic plan is that it’s written. A study carried out by Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican University’s Department of Psychology found that people who write down their objectives are 42% more likely to achieve them.[1]

How can your strategic plan succeed?

But here is something essential you should know.

For a personal strategic plan to succeed, it must align with your true self. Think about it. Any successful business has a set of values and goals that aligns with the service or product they offer.

For years, I created personal strategic plans, but they failed every time. I was baffled and extremely frustrated because they seemed to work for others but not me.

Then, I realized that I was skipping an important aspect.

I wasn’t honestly analyzing my situation. The truth is that I was in a mindless job to me, and although I worked twice as hard as others, I was denied promotion after promotion. Plus, my life was falling apart before my eyes, my important relationships were failing, and my health was a disaster.

From the moment I admitted the sad truth to myself, I spent years studying and researching until I found the solution to improve my life effectively.

The most important parts of a strategic plan

Pillars of satisfaction and success

I discovered the 4 pillars of satisfaction and success:

  1. Clarity of Purpose. Finding and following your life purpose brings immense energy and motivation beyond anything you’ve experienced.
  2. Confidence Mindset. This mental state leads you to accomplish all your goals independently of anything that happens around you.
  3. Great relationships. Surround yourself with people who value you and support you for who you are.
  4. Leadership skills. We all rely on others, and being a leader means positively guiding and influencing those around you.

These 4 pillars have the power to transform your life, as they have changed mine and that of many others.

You’ll shift your mind and connect with your true self, so that you can achieve any goals you set for yourself.

Start creating your strategic plan now

Start today and get free access to the first pillar of my Career Accelerator Blueprint: Purpose, where you’ll find the four types of questions my clients and I use to define success right now

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Happiness begins with a personal strategic plan. Start now: define your purpose. Get started with your free life purpose blueprint now. Clarify your purpose. Be inspired. Stay focused. 1st Stop of the "Career Acceleration Roadmap". Get the Life Purpose Blueprint now.
Happiness begins with a personal strategic plan. Start now: define your purpose. Get started with your free life purpose blueprint now. Clarify your purpose. Be inspired. Stay focused. Get the Life Purpose Blueprint now. It’s the first stop of the “Career Acceleration Roadmap”.

Execute your strategic plan with your personal career coach


[1] https://www.dominican.edu/sites/default/files/2020-02/gailmatthews-harvard-goals-researchsummary.pdf

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