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The secret to stay focused effortlessly

The secret to stay focused effortlessly

Do you ever need help staying focused at work? Most people have trouble with the ability to stay focused at work. When you are focused, you’re concentrating on carrying out your task, objective, or goal to completion.

The secret to staying focused effortlessly
The truth about our brain and how to stay focused

You probably agree that it takes a lot of effort. Your colleague asking for help, noises in the background, or the continuous email notification sound are not helpful.

These things, among others, bring frustration and lead your thoughts astray. You begin an internal fight with your mind because you must and want to stay focused!

There are plenty of practices to help you with gaining concentration. However, you should know that your brain can only take in so much focus.

When you stay focused for too long, you wear out the focus circuits in your brain, draining your energy and, therefore, your rational thinking. It means your decisions are poorly thought out, and you become less collaborative.

Your brain needs to go into a DMN mode (Default Mode Network) and have a rest. Here you develop self-awareness, tune with other people’s thinking, and become able to think of creative solutions.

How to stay focused?

So, how come some people stay focused for a long time without showing any signs of fatigue?

Because they’re in the so-called flow!

When what you do is in line with your pursuit, you concentrate better. Your brain doesn’t register your actions as something that requires you to stay focused but as a pleasurable activity.

Simply think how you’d perform if carrying out a job that excites you!

I had trouble staying focused for a long time and tried any trick out there. I was working twice as hard as others, and I couldn’t understand why I was passed promotion after promotion. Plus, my life was falling apart in front of my eyes, all my relationships were failing, and my health was a disaster.

Pillars of satisfaction and success

After years of studying and researching, I found the solution to staying focused in the short AND long term by clarifying my vision of success. I discovered the 4 pillars of satisfaction and success:

  1. Purpose. Finding and following your life purpose brings immense energy and motivation beyond anything you’ve experienced.
  2. Success mindset. This mental state leads you to accomplish all your goals independently of anything that happens around you.
  3. Positive relationships. Surround yourself with people who value you and support you for who you are.
  4. Leadership. We all rely on others, and being a leader means positively guiding and influencing those around you.

These 4 pillars have the power to transform your life, as they have changed mine and that of many others.

You’ll shift your mind and become who you want to be and achieve any goals you set for yourself.

You’ll gain focus and a life that aligns with your vision. So that you can achieve all your goals and succeed in anything you want.

Start now and stay focused towards success

Start today and get free access to the first pillar of my Career Accelerator Blueprint: Purpose, where you’ll find the four types of questions my clients and I use to define success right now.

Click here and begin your journey with the Personal Purpose Blueprint today!

Focus begins with your strategic plan. Start now: define your purpose. Get started with your free life purpose blueprint now. Clarify your purpose. Be inspired. Stay focused. 1st Stop of the "Career Acceleration Roadmap". Get the Life Purpose Blueprint now.
Focus begins with your strategic plan. Start now: define your purpose. Get started with your free life purpose blueprint now. Clarify your purpose. Be inspired. Stay focused. 1st Stop of the “Career Acceleration Roadmap”. Get the Life Purpose Blueprint now.

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