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Second Quarter 2018 Status Report

Second Quarter 2018 Status Report

Earlier this year I said I wanted to do 4 things this year. Here’s progress I made on each during the second quarter.

1. Reduce Allergy Symptoms And Medication Use


Continuing reduced consumption of offensive foods (eggs, nuts, garlic), my allergy symptoms remain low. Eating them, I feel more congested.

Revised Goal

My new goal is to reduce intake of irritating foods, then find a drug cocktail that includes fewer allergy medications. I spoke with my doctor’s staff and this is what they suggested. Unfortunately, they’re unable to present a clear and distinct path to follow. While they urge me to focus on prescription meds as my primary meds, I’m not so sure I’m a believer. They’re vastly more expensive, and they benefit the insurance-medical-pharmacology-industrial complex far more greatly than the over the counter meds, which are as effective and far less complicated for me.

Scientific method, here we come. I am (still) my favorite science experiment!

2. Run Faster And Qualify for Boston Marathon

Return to Running post-surgery

BJ at the doctor says I “may have overdone it”.

At three months post-op, I got back on the bike and started with a single mile on flat ground. I may have been unsuccessful in my “slow build”. Is 100 miles over the next two weeks too fast? Is 5 miles of running soon after also too much?


I had feelings of regression back to a month earlier. Symptoms of discomfort, pain, irritation at various points around and below the surgical wound.

A month out from that, I began walking again, 30 or 40 minutes at a time. I’ll build more slowly this time.

Two months out, I’m walking a few days a week, and I’ve run a mile a few times.

3. Create More Sales With Sustainable Online Revenue Stream

 Online Courses

    • Portfolio: I’ve gotten more help, identified specific courses I can deliver (see one example here), defined them in writing, and begun sharing about them on social media. Based on my 10 step transformation framework, I’ve initially defined programs for:
      • weight loss (“finally thin forever”),
      • fitness (“finally fit forever”),
      • relationship  development (“finally together forever”),
      • job satisfaction (“love my job”), and
      • business transformation.
    • Long form sales landing pages: I’ve created my first sales landing pages and begun reaching out to  prospects to assess product/market fit and interest. Will create more sales pages for more courses.
    • Ads: Will advertise first course and develop advertising skills.
    • Production: Have begun producing first course based on experience delivering successful coaching results.
    • Facebook group: Will add use of a business Facebook group and develop an editorial schedule for that.

Services: Coaching/Consulting/Writing/Training

    • Coaching: Received inquiries, had first conversations, and made sales. My customers are winning already! I have another client ready to start. Will need to begin restricting amount of this service I offer as I return to corporate America.
    • Group coaching will be available with all courses.
    • 1:1 coaching will be available with all courses.
    • Training:Thanks to a referral by Bob Cadenhead, I’ve begun training mid-senior professionals toward professional certifications in project management, agile management, information systems management, and information security.
    • Consulting: No immediate plans in this area, though the 3 Phases and 10 P’s can be applied for transformational change in business. The reason changes do not work or are not sustainable in business, is business leaders and managers do not effectively apply and coordinate all elements of the 10 P’s. As a result, the overall system does not support the change, change does not fully take hold, and the initiative fails. This is an area of opportunity for all leaders who have not created organizations that successfully sustain desirable change.

Digital Products

    • I’ve begun a book about creating sustainable change in business, which will seed credibility, coaching and consulting clients.
    • I’ve defined a 10 step framework for creating sustainable change, which can be applied in any transformation or product development project.

Audience-based activities: Speaking/Training

    • Will return to Toastmasters and begin seeking out speaking opportunities with professional associations and other interest groups, where I will share about the 9 P’s, sustainable change, and the results that are achievable with my courses.

Affiliate Marketing/Joint Ventures

    • Ads: I’ve made rotating twitter ads and one-time Facebook ads for 11 services I use and enjoy. Adding more as they arise.
    • Store: Adding a store on my web site to share these with interested visitors.
    • Landing Pages: Have at least 3 articles promoting services I use. May convert these to landing pages. For future articles, I’ll use a landing page format.
    • Trigger goal: This will require far higher social media engagement and traffic to drive meaningful revenues.

Third-party funding/sponsorships/Advertising

    • As a member of Texas Beef Athletic team, I receive reimbursement for races and events where I represent Texas Beef producers.
    • As an InsideTracker triathlete, I urge athletes and other high performance people to “take a selfie from the inside”, know their numbers, and make the best decisions for their personal health and fitness.
    • Found a plugin that makes online ad sales seem easy. Found an article indicating 500 unique viewers daily would result in about $30 monthly revenues. Trigger goal here is to grow traffic to 100s of unique users daily, then consider whether to move forward with this.

Physical Product Sales

No immediate plans


No immediate plans.

4. Serve Others And Be Endorsed

      • Bob Cadenhead referred me as a candidate for teaching certification preparation courses. Thanks, mate! Trainees provided very positive feedback.
      • I continue to reach out to everyone I meet, to make a difference in some area they have not been seeing the progress they want.
      • Several former coworkers, clients, and friends have endorsed me on LinkedIn and my website.


  • Did you create resolutions or goals for 2018?
  • How is progress on your 2018 goals? Have you clearly summarized and documented your second quarter 2018 goals update? Share it, and let the world acknowledge your contributions!
  • What structures do you have in place to support you in achieving your goals?
  • Could you use more support reaching your goals?

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