• Do you want to manage a large, risky, or complex project, but not become a certified project manager?
  • Do you wish project management certifications included actual training about doing the work of project management, plus ongoing mentoring, coaching, and support?
  • How often have you felt like you’re all alone at work, with no place you can go and no one you can talk to about your professional challenges?

The problem with project management certification agencies, and companies that employ project managers, is they do a poor job of supporting project managers after they certify them or hire them into the job.

Neither actually supports the project manager to do the hard, daily work of project planning, management, communication, and reporting.

Neither provides ongoing coaching, mentorship, guidance, or support for the myriad challenges and unknowns faced by professional project managers every day.

Both expect project managers to drive the team, pull in the project, on time, on budget, on scope, get the communications right, make the reporting accurate but not inflammatory, keep all the stakeholders happy, manage the risks, overcome the issues, get enough sleep, and stay mentally stable in the process.

Good luck!

  • What if you had a “safe space” where you could share your challenges and get feedback with a commitment to your professional success — without fear of recrimination, without concern your boss might accuse you of not knowing what you’re doing?
  • What if you had a place where you could ask questions and get custom-tailored advice about how to manage confusing or uncertain situations?
  • Would you like an anonymous place you could ask questions of peers, get their best feedback about your situation, without concern for violating your company’s confidentiality?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have someone you could “bounce ideas off of” about communication, reporting, or other key project and management activities, before you take your best shot at work, where you’ll have no opportunity to withdraw it or get a second chance?

Now there’s a better way.

Project Management Mentorship is an anonymous, weekly, year-round online forum where you can vent, share your story without interruption, and feel secure in the knowledge that we’re here for you.

Project Management Mentorship is professional project and corporate managers with experience in significant change, project, and management initiatives, who understand situations like yours and have been there before.

We know the pressures you face, the isolation you sometimes feel, and the high stakes of making the wrong call or the taking the wrong move.

We’re here to give you a safe place to receive advice (if you want it) and get the help that is so often lacking elsewhere in project manager’s lives.

Project Management Mentorship is a place you can be at home, connect with other similarly-minded professionals over real-life problems and opportunities, and even provide feedback for others.

Join us.

Give yourself the peace of mind of having someone in your corner when you need it most.

Surround yourself with other caring, experienced professionals who are there to help you win, especially when the going gets tough.

Create a community with us, of like-minded management professionals who are there for each other, to grow as professionals and develop each other.

Declare CEUs for attending, participating and contributing to our weekly group mentoring webinars.

Develop yourself in the art and science of effective project management and organizational leadership.

Be a winner at work.

Give yourself the competitive edge for one full year.

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing there’s somewhere you can turn, when you can’t share at work and you can’t talk at professional meetings, where everyone knows you and your employer.

Join in the next 3 days, and receive, at no additional charge, our 6 week Career Sharpening Course.

Career Sharpening Course

Take 6 weeks to rejuvenate your commitment to your career, sharpen your focus, and improve your basic management skills, or contemplate a career change, explore alternatives, and begin the path to a new future.

Either way, our Career Sharpening Course will help you be better at work, and get more out of your daily service there.

Also at no additional charge, get a free, one-on-one, completely confidential, management, leadership, or project management coaching session with a seasoned professional project manager, leader, and agile coach.

1-on-1 Coaching Session

You choose the subject.

Take a quantum leap forward in an area of your career that’s been bothering you, holding you back, or that you just want to make even better.

And there’s no risk to you.

You have a full 30 days to attend weekly sessions, ask questions, provide feedback to others, and receive the support and guidance you need.

30 Day Full Refund Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality and value of the group, our members, or the value they provide, just contact support and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

The Career Sharpening Course and one-on-one coaching session are my gifts to you, either way.

Project Management Mentorship

1-on-1 Coaching Session

Career Sharpening Course

30 Day Full Refund Guarantee

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