Team Acceleration Academy

Develop your leadership skills by clarifying your purpose, mastering your mindset, building great relationships and high-performing teams, optimizing your finances and fitness, and more!

Personal Purpose Blueprint

Know your purpose in life! Have clarity, confidence, and courage. Be committed, connected, and fulfilled. Includes an immersive Life Purpose Discovery session. $497

Personal Purpose Formula

Find your purpose and have confidence in your goals. Plan Your Work. Execute Your Plan. Be committed, decisive, and focused. Create balance in your life. Make the difference you want to make right now.

With this super-acceleration bundle, you receive:

  1. Personal Purpose Formula video training.
  2. Plan Creation Blueprint strategic planning guide.
  3. A 90-minute 1-on-1 elite coaching session

In the coaching session, we’ll do three critically important things:

  1. Hone in on your #1 most crucial focus.
  2. Identify the #1 thing most likely to derail your progress (and likely overcome it right on the call).
  3. Define a path and a plan for getting there, starting today.

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Elite Team Performance Formula

The Elite Team Performance Formula will help you develop your leadership skills and create a high-performing team, so that you can be confident, trust your team to understand and do what needs to be done every time, have less stress and work fewer hours, and have an enjoyable and fulfilling life outside of work, with time for fitness, friendships, and fun.