On my blog posts, and elsewhere as possible, I’ve credited photographers and sources for their creative work.

It’s the Right Thing to Do.

On my landing pages, however, that doesn’t work.

So, I’ve concluded the right thing to do is to create a page where I can give photographers and other creatives credit for their work, even if I can’t do it on some of the pages where their work is displayed.

Here They Are.

Invitation to Eat BetterPhoto by Patricia Prudente on UnsplashPhoto by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash. Link.
Invitation to Eat BetterVegetables in a bowl and on a table. Photo by Nadine Primeau on UnsplashPhoto by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash
Photo CreditsSoaring, snow-capped peaks and ridges of the eastern Himalaya Mountains create an irregular white-on-red patchwork between major rivers in southwestern China. The Himalayas are made up of three parallel mountain ranges that together extend more than 2,900 kilometers. Photo by USGS on UnsplashPhoto by USGS on Unsplash. Link.