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Three most important parts of a Personal Strategic Plan

Three most important parts of a Personal Strategic Plan

Howdy! Three things are part of a workable Personal Strategic Plan.

If you don’t know them, or if you don’t have each one powerfully in place, then it’s pretty hard to make sustainable progress in your life, work, or career.

Too often in life, we follow the standard model:

  1. Go to school, maybe college, try to get good grades
  2. Get a good job, and then
  3. Hope to die before you run out of money.

You may have a family, buy a house, or do other things.

This is the standard commercial model of the 20th century.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing in there about you or me. Nobody asks what you or I want in all the college, schooling, and education we do.

Look closer at how we were distracted by the Illusion of Choice.


Before you object on the grounds that chose your own major in college, and you maybe even chose not to go to a four-year-school at all, you have to agree that the “responsible plan” always revolved around going to school, and it always revolved around “the big six” careers:

  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. Engineering
  4. Math
  5. Medicine
  6. Law

If the subject of what we want came up, we were redirected to one of the above. Humanities and the arts were always to be avoided.

If the conversation persisted about an area outside “the big six”, we were countered with advice to be patient, frugal, self-disciplined, and even spartan in our lifestyle and decision-making: after all, there’s no money and success is rare in careers outside the big six.

While these may be good if you’re trying to force a life limited by somebody else’s terms, why not reach and stretch and strive for what you want?

Are you a successfully in “the big six” and still feeling limited?

Even if you succeeded in one of the big six careers listed above, have you reached an invisible cap on career growth, or are the options presented for your continued development, not the ones you want to pursue?

We deserve better! That’s where a Personal Strategic plan can work for you.

You need to know three things to build your personal strategic plan.

1. A Personal Strategic Plan requires clarity of purpose and direction

The first thing you have to establish is true clarity of purpose.

  • What do you want to do?
  • What really matters to you?

You have to get outside the “menu” of items that are continually fed you and me by the “powers that be” and the standing cultural and political narratives that have shaped our decision-making and lives from the very beginning.

The amazing thing is that fully answering these questions is an easy, fun activity, and anyone can do it.

However, you have to find someone who’s willing to explore these things with you, on your terms, absent an agenda or an ulterior motive.

You need to answer the right questions, focusing entirely on you and your values, interests, expertise, and experiences.

Not coincidentally, you’re finally in the right place to do that!

Do-it-yourself clarity of purpose: Free “Life Purpose Blueprint”.

Do-it-with-help clarity of purpose: Strategy Session with a professional coach.

2. A Personal Strategic Plan requires unshakable confidence

The second thing you need is a bulletproof confident mindset.

You want to be confident about what you’re doing, which comes free with clarity of purpose.

As clarity of purpose comes along, your confident mindset follows right along with it because you see clearer and clearer what it is that’s important and what isn’t.

Did you ever notice how easy it is to jump into action when you’re absolutely certain you know what to do?

That’s the confidence of clear purpose and direction.

It’s much easier to focus on the things that matter to you and ignore those that don’t when you have the confidence that comes from true clarity of purpose.

There’s a second area that also impacts our confidence.

However, there’s another area where you must become aware if you want to maximize your confidence and effectiveness.

We all have blind spots and false beliefs and misunderstandings that prevent us from addressing the world on its own terms.

From these “cognitive biases,” we create habits of though and actions, and we make incorrect choices that continually impact our progress and results, but we can’t figure out why.

Do you remember that “invisible cap” we discussed above? That’s the result of your blind spots, false beliefs, and misunderstandings.

Once again, identifying these blind spots, false beliefs, and misunderstandings is a fairly easy, fun activity, and anyone can do it.

However, you have to find someone who’s willing to explore these things with you, on your terms, absent an agenda or an ulterior motive.

You need to answer the right questions, focusing entirely on you and your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

You need to systematically explore the impact of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions on your historical results, and you have to consider the alignment between and among them.

As you do, you’ll quickly see misalignments and misunderstandings that are hindering your effectiveness and progress.

With that new understanding, choices about what to think and how to act differently are easy to make and execute.

Again, not coincidentally, you’re in the right place to do that!

Do-it-yourself confidence and mindset: Free Mindset Mastery Blueprint.

Do-it-with-help confidence and mindset: Strategy Session with a professional coach.

3. A Personal Strategic Plan Requires Persuasive Leadership

The third thing you need in a personal strategic plan is leadership skills.

Don’t get immediately turned off by that…

People have misused that term so much that we no longer trust leaders.

But really, what is leadership? Too often, people who are supposed to be leaders don’t act like it.

The first part of good leadership skills is good relationship skills: great relationships. Anyone who you say you’ve enjoyed working with or knowing in your life has made a relationship with you. It’s guaranteed that they have done so. They have given you a great leadership experience!

Leadership skills are all learnable things. Unfortunately, they don’t teach them in school. Then, jerks in authority positions abuse the situation and give all leaders a bad name.

Don’t worry: you can learn and harness leadership skills to make the difference you want. You can do it without being a jerk. You must. Your success as a leader in implementing your personal strategic plan will require it.

The truth about leadership skills

See what’s hindering your Personal Strategic Planning

Learn the #1 thing holding you back in your Personal Strategic Planning.

Click the button below. It’s a quick quiz. In five minutes, you’ll know what you can be doing differently. You can make better progress in one of the above three areas.

At the end, you can even get more help to do them all.

I hope you’ll take this opportunity to get the results you want in your life and career.

Click here and see your blind spot, so you can eliminate it and get moving or accelerate your strategic plan immediately!

Personal Strategic Plan.

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