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Personal Strategic Planning: Overcome hindrances

Personal Strategic Planning: Overcome hindrances

Howdy! Are you having difficulty making progress on an important project? Three things could be hindering your Personal Strategic Plan; if you don’t know, you can’t fix them.

Personal Strategic Plan: Overcome strategic planning hindrances
Personal Strategic Plan: Overcome strategic planning hindrances

With a Personal Strategic Plan, you’ll find more happiness, more confidence, more certainty, more clarity of purpose, and more effectiveness in your life, in your career, and in your relationships.

Unfortunately, they don’t teach these things in schools. School isn’t about learning about “You,” or about how to achieve your own goals. It’s about learning what someone else wants you to know.

Take the opportunity to learn these things, and you’ll go farther in the direction you want to go.

When I got serious about these things, my life blossomed.

Sure, I had to leave some things behind that weren’t working for me anyway, but that was sort of the point too, wasn’t it?

Here are the three things that are hindering your personal strategic plan.

1. Pinpoint the purpose for your Personal Strategic Plan

The first thing that makes a Personal Strategic Plan work is clarity of purpose. Too often, we don’t know. After all, as an example, nobody ever asked me.

Has anyone ever asked you “What do you really want to do with your life?” If they did, did they mean it?

Have you ever been in an environment where you could explore that?

Yes, it’s possible to know what you want to do with your life. At first, it can seem like a difficult or scary question. It may make you feel anxious or nervous≥ However, it quickly becomes fun! It’s a series of questions that anyone can answer. You can too.

It’ll make a difference in your life forever. You can’t unlearn what you learn, especially when it’s important to you.

2. A Winning Mindset will aid your Personal Strategic Plan

The second thing you need that may be missing is unstoppable bulletproof mindset.

The fact is that comes along for free as you get clear about:

  1. What’s important to you?
  2. What’s your clear purpose?
  3. What’s your obvious thing you want to do in life?

Your confident mindset will also make a difference for you and others. The amazing thing is it comes along for free!

3. Transformational leadership delivers your Personal Strategic Plan

The third thing you need is leadership skills.

Don’t get turned off by that. Too many of us have been abused by people who claim to be leaders.

Too many “leaders” really aren’t, right? Did you want to follow them?

That’s what you’d want to do if they were a leader: you’d want to follow them, or be with them, or help and support them.

The first sign of someone who isn’t leading is they turn you off with bad behavior or a bad attitude.

The first skill of leadership skills is “Great relationships“: great relationship skills.

Think of anyone you’ve ever been bullied by who claims leadership. Did they have good relationship skills? If s/he did, you wouldn’t have felt bullied by him or her.

These are all learnable skills. People train these things. Training is available.

The problem is, too often, the training leads to no skills development because they only teach us the language. We learn the vocabulary and then go back to our lives as usual. Even at work, occasionally they pay lots of money to train us in these things, then they create an environment that’s impossible to operate in, or they surround us with people who are impossible to work with.

You’ve probably been there. I have.

Three things that hinder personal strategic planning

To recap, those are the three things that hinder personal strategic planning:

  1. Clarity of purpose
  2. Confidence
  3. Relationship and leadership skills

See for yourself what’s been holding up your plan

Click the link below. See what’s the number one thing holding up your effective Personal Strategic Planning. Is it clarity of purpose, mindset that has you convinced you can succeed at it, or leadership skills?

You can apply some partnership and get some support in the areas that matter and have other people help you too.

See what’s hindering your personal strategic plan

Take the quiz and get a Strategic Planning Session.

Let’s create a plan together.

Work with an expert, and get the support you need and deserve.

These are the things that matter.

Click the link, see what’s been hindering your personal strategic planning, and get some immediately actionable things you can do right now to make a difference.

You’ll even get more help after that. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Click the link: https://quiz1.careeracceleration.academy/sf/3c5ce374

Overcome your limitations: Find the #1 thing holding you back with your Personal Strategic Plan. Take the quiz here!
Overcome your limitations: Find the #1 thing holding you back with your Personal Strategic Plan. Take the quiz here!
Three things could be hindering your Personal Strategic Plan.

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