Finally Thin Forever: Orientation

Welcome to your course in lifestyle change!

Your focus and participation over a few weeks will enable you to create lasting change in any area of your life that is important to you.

Your focus and participation over a few months will enable you to create lasting habits that will enable you to create lifestyle changes at any time, in any area of your life.

Please acquaint yourself with the next few paragraphs. When you apply the ideas in them, you will maximize your:

  1. understanding,
  2. ability to apply what you learn, and
  3. end results.
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Course Design

This course is designed to be completed in 10 lessons over about 14 weeks

Estimated weekly time commitment is 2-3 hours. This includes time to:

read the lessons,

do the thinking and planning,

take new actions in your daily life,

observe the results, and

update documents and plans accordingly.

At the end of each 3-week phase, I’ve allowed a week off from new content, to enable you to focus on skills and technique development.

This will support you, the student, to practice, solidify, and master skills and habits, so you can reach your intended goals.

Course lessons are broken into 10-ish minute segments.

You can do the reading (or watch the videos) in several 10-15 minute sessions, or you can do them all at one time each week.

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You will need a calendar, a place to write, and a place to store your writing.

  • If you are electronically inclined, especially if you are cell-phone and computer savvy, I urge you to create and use a free Google Drive account, which includes an online writing application called “docs”. This will make it easy to create, store, edit, and reference your documents later. Your Google drive account also includes a free calendar application, where you can schedule reminders for your work in this course, and other important meetings.
  • If you prefer pen (or pencil) and paper, a simple 79 cent spiral notebook will work well, too.

Whatever approach you use, make it a part of your life. Have it with you at all times. Use it to:

  • capture notes and ideas that come up when you’re least expecting it, and
  • review your intentions, goals, and plans in slow moments or down times. (As you will learn, repetition, review, and rehearsal are important elements for learning, retention, lasting change, and development.)

Practice: Gather Resources

Choose the approach you’ll use to capture your ideas and store them.

  • Sign up for your free Google Drive account, or go acquaint yourself with the one you already have (if you already have a
    Google Apps icon is the 9 boxes in the top right of the screen
Caption: Google Apps icon is the 9 boxes in the top right of the screen
  • Gmail account, you have access to these free tools via the 9-box “Google Apps” icon in the upper right of your account screen, just to the left of your photo).
  • Go to the closet or the store and get that notebook. Choose the pen or pencil you’ll use. Choose how you’ll keep them together at all times, and connect them. Think about how you’ll make sure they’re with you at all times, and how you’ll get to them when you need them.

Plan to use them regularly.

Practice: Course Scheduling

Take a few minutes, and think about which days of the week and what times during those days you can clear about 5 of these 10-15 minute timeframes, uninterrupted, each week.

From scheduling your times to read or watch lessons, you’ll also want to schedule 2 one-hour blocks, or 1 two-hour blocks of time where you can think, dream, write, plan, and practice.

Note: the ideal time is one immediately following an existing activity you already have built reliably in your routine. Immediately after brushing your teeth, making coffee, getting out of the shower, getting dressed, making your bed, or getting off work are ideal times to thoughtfully grab your notebook or computer and do some reading, then schedule or complete the associated assignment.

Practice Item

  • Once you’ve identified the best time(s) for you each week, reserve them in your calendar.
  • Write them on notes, then place the notes on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, desk, laptop, computer monitor, or car dashboard, as an encouraging reminder.

Be creative, inspiring, powerful, and goal-oriented in your notation. Maybe note these times as “I am powerfully getting what I want” or “My lifestyle is getting better every day” or “I have confidence, respect, and connection”, instead of “study” or “read” or “homework”.Inspiring calendar entry with

Relax: Be intentional.

With the anticipated weeks off after every 3 lessons, you should be able to complete the course in about 14 weeks.

Stay engaged and in action.

Don’t allow yourself to get stressed out or negative about this experience. If you do, you may find success elusive.

Don’t allow yourself to “check out”, lose interest, or stop participating.

The only way to fail is to quit!

Keep going!

Keep a healthy, interested, enthusiastic point of view about what you’re here to do.

Reach out if you need support!

I am here to help you get what you want: I am successful only if you are successful.

Let’s work together to get you what you want!

  • Attend every coaching session
  • Text me at 512-627-8148

To facilitate your success, you will also build a support network in your journey through the course: coming soon!

Take advantage of every week of coaching and support.

Practice: Participation and Support:

Call in weekly to group coaching conversations.

  • Ask questions. There is no dumb question, except the one that goes unasked. If you’re thinking it, someone else is thinking it too. Be the person who gets help for everyone!
  • Learn from the questions of others. Think about what’s behind their question, and how it can apply to you.
  • Be encouraged and inspired by others’ progress. Use group sessions as an opportunity to support others, to practice supporting yourself, and to take advantage of the support that is available to you.

You will have 12 months of access to group coaching, so you can review, repeat, and rehearse the learning, skills, techniques, and implementation of plans you create in the course. Please use them!

Are you ready to begin?

Click here, and let’s get started!

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