How to Beat Fear: 2nd Key to Power

In the previous segment, we discussed the source of power: choice.

Now we’ll discuss how to move forward with choice despite fear.

How to beat fear

In moments of fear:

  • Stop.
  • Notice the fear.
  • Feel it in your body. Where is it? What is the sensation?
  • Accept the fear.
  • Speak the fear.
  • Experience the fear.
  • Act anyway.

For example, I:

  • Feel fear in my chest, with tightness in my chest and stomach, rapid heart rate, a breathless felling, a sense of excitement and agitation.
  • Accept the fear.
  • Say “I’m afraid I’ll perform poorly”, or “I’m afraid it won’t work”, or “I’m afraid we could fail”.
  • Feel it again.
  • Act.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

–Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt By FDR Presidential Library & Museum - CT 09-109(1), CC BY 2.0,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

How to choose power

Some will say they can’t choose until they believe. It’s not worth getting hopes up, like that darn fish who couldn’t ride a bicycle, even if he wanted to.

Thank goodness, belief is malleable.

There are things about which we have no direct evidence, yet we believe.

In many of those places, we simply heard a message so many times it became obvious as the way it is, with little or no objective evidence. In others, it’s a convenience explanation for a difficult problem or piece of evidence.

  • Aliens
  • Astrology
  • Ghosts
  • The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  • The power of the almighty US dollar

There is plenty of evidence, and there are plenty of people, who argue against every one of the above. However there are plenty of other people who know these things to be true and worthy and just, worth living and even dying for.

One way to belief is repetition of affirmations.

There’s an understanding in marketing that it takes 9 exposures to create interest and 9 more to create a buying impulse.

There’s a practice in performance that we visualize an outcome repeatedly and it improves our ability to deliver that outcome.

Behind each of these is the idea that when we hear a message enough times, we begin to get comfortable with it, internalize it, and even believe it.

  • Even if we invented it out of thin air.
  • Even if there’s no objective evidence for it.
  • Even if we only say it silently to ourselves.
  • Over time it becomes a rule.
  • Eventually it becomes an unbreakable law.

Recap of this lesson:

  1. Power is a choice
  2. Lack of power is a choice
  3. High achievers choose power in their areas of achievement
  4. Claim your power despite fear
  5. Overcome fear in the moment
  6. Act despite fear
  7. Now you have a written commitment you made to yourself to act despite fear.

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