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Live a purposeful life: a guide

Live a purposeful life: a guide

Live a purposeful life by understanding your purpose in life and then living your purpose in life.

Live a purposeful life.

Howdy! You’re here because you want to live a purposeful life

I’m thrilled you’re here because I have some expertise in that area. 

I’m inspired and motivated to live a purposeful life myself, and I want to help other people do the same. 

There are four things you’ll want to do if you want to live a purposeful life. 

1. Live a purposeful life by identifying your strengths

The first thing you want to do if you want to live a purposeful life is to identify the things that you are good at.

As most people do, you have skills and decades of experience learning and getting better at them.

Very rarely do people ask us, “What are you good at?” If they do, they want us to be good at something in particular. At work, we’re constantly reminded to focus on things other people care about, not necessarily things we’re good at. We have things where we have practiced a lot that we’re good at, that we may not have opportunities to practice in our daily lives.

There’s a set of thoughts and creative thinking, that you can apply to really get clear about all the things you’re good at.

I want to help you with that!

Click the link down below to get the Life Purpose Blueprint. It will help you clarify and identify the things that you’re good at, that you’ve developed over your years of life experience.

For example, my client Omario said, “[Dylan] helped me see everything I have already been doing. But for some odd reason, I never saw all of it.” You can see him say it in his own words in this video.

Omario saw his strengths with the Life Purpose Blueprint when he saw everything he’d already been doing.

2. Live a purposeful life by identifying your passion

The second thing you want to know for finding your purpose in life is, what do you like to do? 

As we go through life, people rarely ask us, “What do you like to do?“.

I’m offering you the opportunity to explain what you like to do.

There’s a lot of things you like to do, and it’s good to make yourself aware of them.

First of all, it’s confidence inspiring for you to take stock of the things you’re good at.

Second, it’s fun! Of all the things you like to do, you like them because they’re fun.

“Your purpose in life likely has something to do with the thing where you’re just going to naturally put a lot of time and thought and energy into it”.

Take the opportunity to really look at what you like to do. Anything you’d like to do, you’re going to be willing to spend hours and days to do all the time. Anything you’re doing all the time, you’re going to get really good at it. You’re going to become world class in it. That’s the opportunity there too!

It’s worthwhile to look at what you like to do. When you do, the economics are in your favor that you can be better than anybody else.

3. Live a purposeful life by embracing your superpowers

The third thing to know in living a purposeful life is what is it that you will do that nobody else will do? There are things we all will do that, to us, aren’t a big deal. To other people, those things aren’t interesting or they’re downright objectionable.

For example, though these examples are very mainstream, some people don’t like accounting, and others don’t like sales. These are just two of hundreds of examples of skills people have that not everybody else has or wants to do.

If you’ve heard it in areas of your life, you have an opportunity in them:

  • “Why do you do that?”
  • “Who does that?”
  • “I can’t believe you do that.”
  • “That’s just not something I would ever do.”

You have a specific purpose in your life if you are able and willing to do something that other people don’t want to do, can’t do, or don’t like to do.

There are things that you want to do that most other people don’t want to do, and there’s magic in that combination. 

Those areas are the areas where you have a superpower. The world needs that skill or certainly is interested in learning more about it.

Either you can become a spectacle, or you can become famous in your own niche.

Some people need that thing done; you like it, and you’ll do it. There’s monopoly power in that combination. You can build a successful business or reputation in that area.

Ultimately, you can teach people some things in their lives in those areas, or you’ll be able to capitalize on opportunities to do things others don’t want to do.

Those are three things to really pay attention to answer the question of living a purposeful life.

Live a purposeful life with the Life Purpose Blueprint

Click the link to get the Life Purpose Blueprint because it will accelerate your exercise of identifying your purpose in life. 


Find your purpose and live a purposeful life with the 
Life Purpose Blueprint.

Take the first step now!
Find your purpose and live a purposeful life with the Life Purpose Blueprint.
Live a purposeful life.

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