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Live a purpose-driven life by answering these four questions

Live a purpose-driven life by answering these four questions

Howdy! I know you’re here because you’re interested to live a purpose driven life.

That’s exciting to me because I have an interest in that myself.

Live a purpose-driven life by answering these four questions.
Live a purpose-driven life by answering these four questions.

I want to share with you a few things about how to live a Purpose Driven Life.

The first place to start is to understand your purpose in life.

No one in my life ever asked me what my purpose was. No one inspired me or encouraged me to tell them or take action in that area. The answer to this question goes beyond the basic plan of going to school, getting that diploma, and getting a good job.

For the same reason, that’s most people’s purpose in life.

At some point, often in middle age and beyond, into our mid-professional years and beyond, some of us will begin to wonder, “What is this all really for?” By that point we’ve realized everything we’re doing is no longer about getting a diploma or getting a good job. By that point we’ve become clear: “been there, done that.”

Ultimately, for many of us, there’s no satisfaction in doing the same thing for many years. For most of us, most of the time, after the thrill of walking across the stage to collect that diploma, and after the thrill of getting our first jobs or promotions, the process starts to lose its appeal.

How do you live a purpose-driven life?

To live a purpose-driven life, to find your purpose, there are four things you want to ask yourself and get serious about answering. It took me 21 years to answer these questions. So, I want to help you because no one should suffer or struggle for so long.

1. Live a purpose-driven life by finding your strengths

The first thing to do if you want to find your purpose and live a purpose-driven life, is to get clear about the things you are good at doing.

They go way beyond what we educated ourselves on in school. They go beyond what we’re told we need to do every day at work.

Unfortunately, again, the world doesn’t encourage us to live a purpose-driven life. The world encourages us to select from its menu of options. When we get in the habit of doing that, we end up doing what other people want us to do until we die.

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

Tony Gaskins

I believe that’s why you’re here. You saw an opportunity to do more, and you’re looking for the answer to how to do that! That’s why I’m writing this: I realized I could help people and get them out of the struggle I was in for so long.

Find out what it is you are good at doing and write that down. It’s a lot more areas than you may think, and you want to get clear about what they are. Seeing them will inspire a lot of confidence and belief in yourself.

There’s more you can do than you realize, and I guarantee it. Check the testimonial here from Omario, if you don’t believe it. He looked at all the things he was doing, and he surprised himself. He realized he could do more than he thought, and he was proud of that.

“He helped me see everything I have already been doing.” –Omario

2. Live a purpose driven life by pursuing your passion

The second question you want to answer is, “What do you want to do?”

Again, who cares what you want to do?

How many people ever asked you and then listened and took you seriously when you said whatever it was that you wanted to do?

I understand: I was told, “You can’t do that. You can’t make a living at it. I’m not going to let you do that. That’s just not acceptable.” It wasn’t even illegal, immoral, or unethical. It was just something they didn’t want. They discouraged it and didn’t find value in it themselves. Too often, we hear that.

Why this matters:

I’m going to tell you, what you want to do is ultimately going to be the backbone of your greatest success in life. Anything you’d like to do is something you’re going to do, and you’ll likely be willing to do it a lot.

Anything you do a lot is something you’re going to get good at, like world-class. That’s where people become world-class. They want to do something and do it all the time because they enjoy it. In the beginning, people don’t do things because they’re good at them, or because someone’s paying them. In the beginning, the only driver is the desire to do it.

Our best mediocrity is always in the things someone else wants us to do. They’re willing to pay us a mediocre wage. They will spend all their time focusing on their priorities and wasting our life doing something that’s not really the thing we want to do.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing: many meaningful lives are built doing the work of others.

The opportunity:

What I am saying is we will do even better when we identify our purpose in life and then serve others in our true purpose. We will all gain far more in the bargain!

I am saying to let someone else do the things you’re not good at or not interested in. Abandon your mediocre life for a life of greatness where your contribution can be recognized and rewarded.

What do you want to do?

There’s magic in answering that question.

3. Live a purpose driven life by differentiating yourself

The third question is, “What is it that you are willing to do that nobody else will do?

Everyone in the world needs people to do the things they don’t want to do. For example, many people don’t like to clean their house, so they hire a maid.

In other cases, the world hires people to do things they don’t want to do. For example, many people pay to see performers do things they would never do themselves. For instance, only some people want to jump off a cliff in a wingsuit, but people like to watch videos of it.

In either case, the world sees the specialist as unique, even spectacular, and the world is entertained and thrilled by the opportunity to pay someone to do the thing they don’t want to do themselves.

What are you willing to do that not everyone else will do?

You may, off the top of your head, say, “There’s nothing I could do or will do.”

I guarantee you that when you start looking, you will find things, even in your community. Often, in our community, we’re not so unique. If you grew up in a family of jugglers, you might not feel amazing, but in the rest of the world, you’d be pretty darn special. On the other hand, sometimes, even your family will be happy to tell you how weird you are.

Look for the differences.

Outside your community is where you’re very unusual. Outside your community, millions of people will be interested in either learning about what you will do that they don’t want to do or in having you do it. They may be willing to pay you to teach or do something that you will do that they don’t want to do.

4. Live a purpose-driven life with the Life Purpose Blueprint

The testimonials on this page speak to the Life Purpose Blueprint, where you can really get some support in finding your purpose.

You can live your purpose-driven life.

If you want the help, I’m excited to help you as you work through the blueprint.

So, click the link, have fun, and good luck!

If you’re interested in getting started today for free, get your copy of the Life Purpose Blueprint, which is the perfect way to live a purpose-driven life. 

Click the link to get your free blueprint.

Live a purpose-driven life with the Life Purpose Blueprint.
“Live a purpose-driven life by answering these four questions.” –Dylan
“This really changed my life. This gave me the courage to stand up for myself.” –Karen

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