Clarify your priorities and focus on the things that matter to you, without ruining what you've accomplished so far.

Navigate difficult transitions confidently.

Achieve challenging goals systematically.

Success = quality relationships

Whether you're solving a difficult problem or executing your strategic plan, change is hard.

The process of doing either one is essentially the same.

The only difference between them is mindset of the person who's either solving the problem or executing the plan.

Most importantly, whether you view the situation as a problem or an opportunity, the number one factor in your success is the quality of your relationships.

Solve problems and opportunities like these:

  • Clarify your purpose:
  • Plan for success
  • Set clear goals
  • Plan for success
  • Create great relationships:
  • Begin a relationship
  • Improve a relationship
  • End a relationship
  • Upgrade your career:
  • Professional job search
  • Change careers
  • Leadership skills development
  • Recover from loss:
  • Divorce or Breakup
  • Death
  • Layoff or Termination

Winning is the only possible outcome.

The only way you can lose is if you quit.

Innovate like an engineer.

Overcome any problem.

Achieve any goal.

Solve one problem at a time.

What to do:

  • 1. Start with the end in mind: use design thinking.
  • 2. Create your plan: apply the engineering method.
  • 3. Execute your plan: apply agile management techniques.
  • 4. Continuously improve your results: use the scientific method.