What’s the difference between leadership and management?

What’s the difference between leadership and management?

Management programs and even some companies talk about leadership, but few people outside academics seem to understand that there’s a very real and often misunderstood difference between “management” and “leadership”.


In a nutshell, management is what gets the quarterly financial results. It’s also often correlated with:

  • Influence, power, and control games.
  • The toxic, soul-crushing experience so many people share about their job, company, or boss.
  • Our current, historically low levels of employee loyalty and engagement.


Leadership is what you experienced the last time you were inspired by a boss or executive speech. It’s what has people voluntarily and gladly work overtime. It engenders enthusiasm, commitment, and loyalty.

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Comment below and thank any leaders you’ve had that left you inspired to be in their organization and develop yourself.

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