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I was laid off and I’m a Product Manager. Now what?

I was laid off and I’m a Product Manager. Now what?

Are you a product manager who was laid off, or are you concerned you may be?

Being laid off as a product manager may bring feelings of loss, not only for your job and your income, but also for your product and your team. Feelings of grief, rejection, resentment, or anger may linger for a while.

I’ve been there several times. It’s a destabilizing, demoralizing, crappy experience.

Get whatever support you need and take care of yourself through this difficult transition. Take it slow and easy as much as you can. Apply for unemployment, manage your money and any severance wisely, and begin networking for a new role as you need to.

Why was I laid off?

For the company, teams of managers multiple levels above you have been planning in secret for months. They’ve been assessing organizational direction and resource needs. They concluded the product and the number of people in your role are not consistent with the organization’s best interests.

For them, this is not a personal decision, and it’s not about you. For them and the company, the choice to create a laid off product manager amounts to zeroing out a couple of line items on a budget spreadsheet.

What about my product?

Don’t worry about the company or the product any more, starting today, right now. They informed you clearly of their intention when they told you that you were laid off, and you’ll hear nothing more of it from them.

Any further commitment by you to their assets and business is more cost to you on behalf of people who have already accounted for this sunk cost and washed their hands of it.

You’re worth more than that.

Make this about you: invest in yourself starting now

Redouble your focus and effort back to what’s good for you and your future.

Take this opportunity to clarify your priorities and assess your next best moves. This is an amazing opportunity to reflect on your values and most important goals. Reorient yourself and your life to your greatest, best use.

Don’t squander this priceless opportunity

If you need a conversation or more help through this transition, schedule a short call with me.

You can book time with me at the link below.

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