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Is keeping your “head down” at work “holding up” your career?

”This is a holdup!” yells the armed gunman as he waves the gun in your face and tells you to give him your valuables.

It’s common to “keep your head down” at work, attempting to stay ”below the radar,” but the most influential people aren’t invisible or trying to be.


I was passed over for promotions four times in three years and my home life was a wreck when my brother told me to stop complaining about it or do something – he’d been hearing my complaints for five years.

After reading books, taking classes, and hiring coaches, counselors, therapists, attorneys, and immersive training programs, I finally realized I’d just been going through the motions in most areas of my life.

Essentially, I realized I’d been the gunman holding up my own career by not having clear commitments and intentions in my life. I didn’t have a purpose in my life.


When I committed to creating fantastic relationships and leading high-performing teams, I got promoted and picked to lead teams, and my home life improved too!

While it may feel safe to “stay low” and not “rock the boat,” you’re also holding up your own career and preventing your own forward progress.

The brave and motivated will pilot their career. Some may take action only when the situation becomes unbearable.

Don’t get to the end of your career with regrets.


To help you clarify your purpose fast, whether it’s a slight change of direction or a complete course change, today I’m offering a free, fun workbook you can use to self-assess, explore, and identify your own personal purpose.

Download it now at https://dylancornelius.com/personal-purpose-blueprint.

Download the Blueprint at https://ppb.teamaccelerationacademy.com
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Dylan Cornelius
Dylan Cornelius

I am the creator of the Career Acceleration Academy.

I have more than 30 years experience in business and leadership, including degrees in psychology and business, working as a recruiter and team leader building and leading small and large, collocated and remote teams, in Silicon Valley and around the world.

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