Is it true that people don’t trust companies?

Is trust really missing in modern organizations?

Media says people don’t trust companies.

Of course, it’s a matter of perspective, right?


In fact, people absolutely trust companies.

Some people and employees trust companies to mistreat them, lie to them, and even defraud them.

Some managers don’t trust people to voluntarily do good work. In fact, some managers (sometimes called Theory X managers) trust people to not do good work. They actively put in place controls, manipulations, and even coercion and intimidation that’s intended to keep employees in line and taking desired behaviors. It is almost a certainty that managers with that mindset will also create similar controls for other organizational stakeholders, including customers.

In response, people, customers and employees alike, step back from the company, and through the application of common misattribution errors, they often step back and away from all managers and companies in general. After all, not all companies and managers are bad, right? Still, we all have a tendency to generalize an experience with one person or company to all people or companies.

In turn, the trust gaps grow.

Employees and customers pull away.

Managers coerce, manipulate, and control.

The trust of not working and not being supported grows.

Trust is present at all times. All a skillful manager or leader needs to do is determine what and who is trusted, and why.

Comment and mention a manager or leader who gets it, and consciously creates the kind of trust we all want to experience every day.

Hi, I’m Dylan Cornelius.
I was passed over for promotions four times in three years, every time passed over by a peer. My marriage was a wreck. I was obese and my doctor threatened to medicate me if I didn’t lose weight.
When I calculated the per-hour value of my overtime at work, the additional money in my bonus didn’t justify the costs to my health, relationships, and personal satisfaction.
After five years of hearing me complain, my brother told me to stop complaining or do something about it. I was stunned that it had been so long.
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I created a Team Acceleration Blueprint based on my personal development journey and decades of education and experience building and leading teams at some of the best universities and companies on the planet.
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