Every modern diet with a name has it wrong.

A search for diet advice on a modern search engine can yield more than a billion results.

That’s more ways to eat than a single person could try in 12,000 lifetimes.

People are confused and frustrated about the right way to eat better.

Some Popular Diets Contradict One Another.

Little girl eating carrot while holding a bowl of ice cream. Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash

Some popular diets contradict one another.

Others even recommend irresponsible and unhealthy suggestions about what it means to eat better.

Worse, it is well known that some people have food allergies, sensitivities, or autoimmune diagnosis that prevent them from eating certain ‘healthy’ foods that are staples of some ‘healthy’ diet plans.

The fact is: no one-size-fits-all meal plan can work for everyone.

No One-Size-Fits-All Meal Plan Can Work for Everyone.

However, there is a solution.

There is a 2-Part Solution:

1. Start with Simple, Universal Truths.

  • There are a couple of important and almost universally agreed truths about how to eat better.
  • Also, there are simple ways to identify which foods work best for any given person.
  • Within the modern, global supply chain, it’s possible to supplement any diet with foods from around the world.

Given these universal truths, it’s possible for everyone to create a personal plan that will enable them to eat better, even if they need to avoid certain foods for health reasons.

Vegetables in a bowl and on a table. Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

2. Find the Foods that Work for You.

Some things work better for you, right?

You feel better and have more energy when you eat them.

Some things may not work so well:

  • Maybe you don’t feel well after you eat them.
  • Maybe they make you gassy, or tired, or nauseous, or worse…

A Success Story

Hi, I’m Dylan Cornelius.

As I reached middle age, I’d watched grandparents die young, of strokes and heart attacks.

I was fat, and sedentary, and knew very little about eating well or exercise for health or fitness.

In a challenge with my mom to lose weight, I read a book about how to eat better.

Based on that advice, I cut out white foods and fried foods.

After doing hours and hours of research online, I chose to eat more protein and vegetables.

Following other advice to limit portion size, I counted calories.

I Lost More Than 50 Pounds!

Around that time, I received a diagnosis for an autoimmune disorder.

As a result, I learned even more foods were off-limits.

I paid attention to what worked — and what didn’t.

In the process, I learned to eat better, and I eliminated more foods, but more importantly, I eliminated unpleasant digestive issues I’d had since I was a kid.

I Feel Better, and My Allergies Improved!

I even learned that my ‘environmental’ allergies were well within my control, mostly through the food I ate.

All in all, I eliminated 3 prescription drugs from my daily regimen.

Now, eating better is a choice.

When I eat well I feel well.

When I eat the foods I know bother me, then feeling not-so-well is my choice.

Most importantly, how I feel is no in my control.

That’s pretty great, right?

Anyone Can Do It!

Whether your goal is to feel well, look great, or address a chronic illness, you can eat better in a way that serves you.

As a change management professional, I’ve learned first-hand the science of lasting change.

There’s a set of ‘rules’ about how to create lasting change in organizations and people’s lives.

We’ve been applying and perfecting them since at least the 1960s.

The problem is, they teach those rule in graduate schools.

The information generally isn’t well known or understood by anyone else.

And, of course, the people who know the rules get hired by big companies and government entities.

So, the knowledge is mostly used for the benefit of big money and the government.

I know: I’ve spent 20 years helping some of the best businesses manage change and change the lives of their employees and customers.

Eating Better is a Human Right.

I believe the opportunity to eat better is a fundamental right.

…and now, eating better is a choice.

I can show you how to manage change in your own life, so you can apply the universal rules of diet, and create a personal plan you can use to eat better, your own way.

You have the right.

…and now you have the choice.

And Now You Have the Choice.