Internet Business Builders: Focus and Flourish

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Focus and Flourish. Transform Your Business. Produce Your Possibility.



  • 8 PM Central



I. 2 minutes each (7:00-7:10)

  • Hellos
  • 1 minute – 90 seconds Wins of the week. Socially acceptable way to share testimonials. Testimony time. Couple minutes.
  • Be done by 7:10 pm

II. Hot Seat (7:10-7:45)

  • One or two people bring a succinctly described problem, challenge, or opportunity for group feedback, with little story. Then be quiet and listen to group feedback instead of defending or justifying.
  • If someone just wants to share but not get feedback it may be reflective of something big is happening they don’t want to talk about.
  • If it has too much story it may not be the right question to talk about.

III. Next Steps (7:45-7:55)

  1. Plan for next week.
  2. Current challenge.

IV. Close (7:55-8:00)

Gratitude. What you got out of today’s meeting and the past week of progress in this area.


  • friendly.
  • supportive.
  • give feedback with the “sandwich” method.
  • be 100% engaged, interested, curious, learning, sharing, and teaching.
  • Read OYFOL and watch for C.U.B. (Compelling and/or Confusing, Unbelievable, Boring).
  • Watch for effective and complete use of PASTOR framework.
  • Share results and updates during the week by email and get feedback from others about it.
  • Commit to miss no more than theee weeks in a row or you may be disinvited.
  • Record with Loom for archiving.

Upcoming Hot Seats

  • January 17 Dylan 10 minute review. Janet 25 minute new subject.
  • January 24 Janet 10 minute review. Jane 25 minute new subject.
  • January 31 Janet 10 minute review. Dylan 25 minute new subject.
  • February 6 Dylan 10 minute review. Jane 25 minute new subject.
  • February 13 Jane 10 minute review. Janet 25 minute new subject.
  • February 20 Janet 10 minute review. Dylan 25 minute new subject.




Geek Love


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Past Hot Seats

Business Development

Who are you?

Blogging Personality

Jeff Goins Intentional Blog

Podcasting Personality

John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire

What role will you play?

Who will you serve?

Forget about Your Elevator Pitch: Learn to SNAP

Go to 6:54 to see what SNAP is and then got to 26:17 -28:40 to see the magic this lady weaves out of a scattered pitch to make it shine.

How will you help them?

Minimal viable outcome from Mirasee Coursebuilders Laboratory Module 2, Lesson 11

Product development

What is your Minimum viable product? Test it in your market (with the people you will serve).

  • Lean Startup
  • Course Builders Laboratory
  • Consulting 101



Get your First Follower

Online selling

Automated: Long Form Sales Letter with the PASTOR Method

Online-to-in-person: Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula

  • PrePreLaunch series
  • PreLaunch series
    • What
    • Why
  • Launch sequence for each product
    • Seed Launch
    • Internal Launch
    • JV Launch