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Platitudes abound about people with unrealized potential, or old men and women who “only wish” they’d taken a chance or an opportunity long since lost. On the other hand, there are people for whom everything just seems to go right. They’re renowned and respected (even if only in their small circles of friends and family) as go-to people who have it together. When they say they have no regrets, you believe them. They’ve found their Inner Badass.

Unleash your inner badass
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  • Have you wondered whether more is possible in your life?

  • Do you find it unbelievable when people say you can do so much more than you think?

  • Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, misunderstood, under appreciated, like something’s missing?

I saw these in myself, and then I spent two decades looking at this.

This isn’t a new phenomenon…

4,000 years ago, Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living”. He knew more was possible, and he knew everyone could find it.

Here’s How It Felt To Me

I struggled in mediocrity and did what I was told, living other people’s’ dreams and feeling like I was just getting by, despite my great investments in time and money, to try to improve my situation.

What I Realized

I saw I was doing things, but they weren’t adding up to anything new. I felt like I was changing, but my life wasn’t changing.

Here’s How It Worked For Me

Finally, I started looking, and I began to see a thread across my life…

For many years, I’ve helped people and organizations make significant leaps forward in their quality of life and business. With much difficult inquiry, I finally realized I’m masterful in the art of creating sustainable change.

While I saw that trend was clear, and evidence abounds, I somehow found it difficult to find convincing proof. Like, I knew I did it, and I knew some of the things that had prepared and qualified me to do it, but I wasn’t convinced I could convince someone else about it. I finally saw all the things that brought me here.

My Sustainable Change Resume

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach

I’m trained to intervene in the moment and make a difference for you. I’m committed to your success, sensitive to your concerns, willing to do what it takes to make a difference, and unwilling to settle for you having less than you want.

Graduate of Landmark Worldwide education programs

Paraphrasing Mark Twain, we believe things that just ain’t so, and we get ourselves in trouble when we act on those beliefs. We ALL do it. We believe untrue “facts” are real, and based on those incorrect beliefs, we take action. I can help you see those beliefs, so you can put them where you want them, where they will no longer drive your actions. This enables YOU to get back in the driver’s seat.

UC Berkeley Psychology Undergraduate degree holder

I understand neuroscience: our nervous system wires us to get good at things and repeat them. When we repeatedly think thoughts and take actions in life, our nervous system helps us get good at those actions. This keeps us fat, broke, lazy, lonely, angry, or whatever else we are in life. Conversely, when applied productively, this biological tendency keeps us fit, rich, active, friendly, or happy. These biological imperatives keep us stuck, feeling caged, even if we’re unhealthy, even if we’re unhappy about it, no matter how much we want to change. I can help you learn to short-circuit the action patterns that keep you stuck, and train your nervous system (and body) to do the things YOU want.

Proud member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and addiction education program graduate

If addiction is any part of your story or belief about yourself, even if you only think it might be the case, I understand. I have experienced and I understand addiction. I know first hand its grasp on the actions we take, and on our motivation, whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not.

Santa Clara University MBA degree holder, Concentration in Management of Innovation

I am academically and professionally trained to help people and organizations succeed doing things they’ve never done before. Often, these initiatives begin as goals some believe are impossible. If you have never done a thing and sustained it over the long term, even if you think it may be impossible, I can help you too.

Project Management Professional

I am skilled at breaking down audacious, complex undertakings into manageable chunks that enable teams and individuals to succeed. Let’s set a goal and go after it!

Experienced Professional Change Leader

I have significant professional experience creating large-scale change. I’ve spent my entire career working with people to understand the outcomes they want, then helping them refine their environments, teams, behaviors, and systems to support those outcomes. Like any organization, your life is a system of individuals. I can help you too.


I did the hard work of personal transformation, and I got it done. I can help you express your inner Badass too!

Are You Tired Of Spinning YOUR Wheels?

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Change is still possible. Get clear direction.

Change is still possible. Get clear direction.

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