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Improve your confidence at work
Improve your confidence at work
Improve your confidence at work

Howdy! I know you’re here to find out how to improve your confidence at work.

I want to congratulate you for taking the first action, which is to use a search engine or ask someone.

You’re in the right place! 

Depending on the environment, or our level of preparation for the role, confidence at work can be tough to gather.

It also depends on how long we’ve been in our role or at our company.

Worse, sometimes things change around us, and our former level of confidence can evaporate. One day a job where we feel really confident suddenly becomes not so confidence-inspiring. Maybe something changed, our boss changed, the company’s plans changed, an economic event changed, inflation happened, or interest rates went up. There are a hundred more stories like this, and you probably have another one I haven’t thought of. 

Let me share a couple of things about how to improve confidence at work. It doesn’t depend on anything outside of you. There are just a couple of things you don’t know. 

It doesn’t take rocket science. It takes a little focus and a little bit of self-awareness. 

Here are three things that will help you improve your self-confidence at work. 

1. Improve your confidence at work with a clear sense of purpose

The first way to improve your confidence at work is to be real clear about what you’re there to accomplish.

Sometimes that means having a clear job description, maybe asking. Sometimes things change and you don’t know what your job is. Always be clear about what your role is. 

Sometimes, clarity of purpose is about being committed to performing the role or wanting to do it.

Sometimes, clarity of purpose is about wanting to work in a company where you want to be a part of their mission.

A lot of people wouldn’t work for a company that makes cigarettes, for example. How will you be confident about your future in that environment, if you don’t feel confident about what the company is doing? I’m picking on cigarette manufacturers here, but it could be anything.
if you aren’t crystal clear about what you’re doing there, and why.

If it doesn’t fit, your confidence is going to be threatened and not improving. It is going to be difficult. You’ll always struggle with an inner, irreconcilable conflict.

Nonetheless, there’s still hope, even in those situations. 

2. Improve your confidence at work with great relationships

The second thing that’s critical is having great relationships with the people around you.

Start with your boss, your peers, your customers, your coworkers, and the people who report to you. 

If you don’t have great relationships at work, you’ll never feel like an insider. You will always be an outsider because you don’t have good relationships. Relationships that aren’t great always have an element of conflict or unmet need, and you’ll always feel like something’s not right.

Thankfully, the thing about relationships is there’s hundred and thousands of people in the world who specialize in helping people create better relationships. Great relationships are about simple skills that can be taught and learned.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t learn relationship skills in school or in college, or in the jobs we’re in. Furthermore, companies rarely go out of their way to encourage great relationships or enable them. While they’ll punish you if yours are going terribly, or they’ll let you go and replace you, nobody is looking out for you. 

Who’s helping you? Well, I can help you. 

3. Improve your confidence at work with effective leadership skills

The third thing that is critical in being confident and improving confidence at work is to have some leadership skills.

Develop some leadership skills, or at least find yourself a good leader who inspires you, someone who gives you confidence about what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with, and why it’s important. 

Leadership skills are a lot like relationship skills. There are people who get it. 

There’s a simple set of skills, as there are a simple set of skills in relationships, that when applied successfully, you’ll have great relationships, and you’ll be applying leadership in a way that it’s making a big difference, and it’s improving everyone’s confidence. 

If you have a high school diploma, that’s as much as it takes to be able to apply good relationship and leadership skills. It’s a set of learnable skills. Once you’ve made them habits, you’ll bring them every day.

You can learn these. There’s no magic in leadership skills. 

Improve your confidence at work in three easy steps

Those are the three things if you want to improve your confidence at work:

  1. Get clear what you’re there to accomplish, and why. 
  2. Develop great relationships and sustain them.
  3. Find inspiring leaders and begin to be a leader yourself.

You’ll be amazed how much different every day can seem, even when not much changes except your understanding and application of these fundamentals at work. 

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Improve your confidence at work and accelerate your career!

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Improve your confidence at work and accelerate your career! Take the first step now!
Improve your confidence at work
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